Why Ingress is better than Pokemon Go

The latest craze descending on us is Pokemon go. It’s funny to think that a couple of years ago, Google did an April Fool Joke based on this, but it actually came to fruition to become an profoundly popular game. This is a game where you channel your inner trainer and use the GPS on … Continue reading “Why Ingress is better than Pokemon Go”

Preparing for an Ingress Anomaly

Cart and I have wanted to participate in an anomaly for the longest time, and after weeks and weeks of preparation, it is finally here! We could hardly sleep in excitement. Anomalies are basically cross faction events, held in various locations around the world where agents fight to gain the most points for their faction. The rules are different … Continue reading “Preparing for an Ingress Anomaly”

Anyone play ingress?

Cart introduced me to Ingress some weeks back. Ingress is a multiplayer game for android devices. In this game, you are supposed choose to fight for the enlightened (green team) or the resistance (blue team) and basically the aim of the game is to establish different portals. Portals are usually public landmarks, like sculptures or … Continue reading “Anyone play ingress?”

An onyx guardian after 4 years

Hi everyone! I’ve waited for a while to write this post and the day has actually arrived. So why not grab a cup of tea as you read this. I’ve finally reached 150 days. For those of you who play ingress, there is this achievement called the guardian medal. And for those of you who … Continue reading “An onyx guardian after 4 years”

Unforgettable anomaly for Via Noir at Rome, Italy

It didn’t seem too long ago that we did the Via Lux anomaly and now Via Noir has arrived and it was held in Rome! This anomaly is especially memorable to me because it was held in my adopted home, conducted at nightfall (hence the “Noir“) and I was the lone scooter team going around the … Continue reading “Unforgettable anomaly for Via Noir at Rome, Italy”

Coping with homesickness

I saw an interesting topic on a forum and I thought that I would blog about it today – “Coping with homesickness” The first few months of arrival wasn’t easy for me. There were lots of things that are different between Rome and Singapore – the climate, the culture, the bureaucracy, and of course the language among … Continue reading “Coping with homesickness”

Trip to Cologne, Germany for the Via Lux Anomaly

Cart and I went to Cologne, Germany over the weekend for the Via Lux Anomaly. I had a very lovely time, and all of the locals that I’ve met there are so jawdroppingly friendly and helpful that it had left such an impression on me. I do wish that we had more time to experience this … Continue reading “Trip to Cologne, Germany for the Via Lux Anomaly”