I’m okay

Hi everyone. Today is the second day that the entire of Italy is on lockdown at this point of writing and I thought that I’d just share a little bit of what has been going on here.

I’m okay.

The Covid-19 virus has been hitting Italy really hard. Even a month before, when the first cases was announced in Milan, it was already quite difficult to get hand sanitizers here in Rome.

I got mine, ironically from a Chinese mom and pop shop. Face masks were already completely sold out. You could get them online through resellers albeit multiple times more expensive. Personally for me, I trust more the old soap and water for keeping my hands clean.

Unfortunately, there are a few rare instance where there are random people who shouted “coronavirus” at me because I look foreign which made me very upset.

Early this month, when it was first announced that public places like schools, cinemas and gyms will be closed till the 14th March which wasn’t too bad… I had just made payments for my flamenco course. I would be missing one week of not meeting my friends for flamenco lessons but it’s still tolerable.

I’m just sad that we’ve been practicing so hard for the performance in lieu of the International Women’s day. We were supposed to dance at the Campidoglio which look really spectacular as the choreography was lovely. That’s cancelled. As well as all other public events like the marathon and performances were halted. Disappointing, but it was for the greater good.

And then the date got extended to the 3rd of April. Woah. That’s a long time! Did I just pay 110 euro for nothing? That’s about 11 hours of work for me.

And speaking of work, I do food deliveries to supplement my earnings and this moment has been really hard. I haven’t been earning as much as before, after my accident (will talk more about that in another post) and because not that many people order food online. In addition to that, most restaurants are completely closed to the public at 18.00, leaving just a few open for delivery.

A sign on a table in McDonald’s reminding customers to keep a distance of 1 metre

It was pretty quiet when I was out last evening for my dinner rounds. It was so surreal, like being in a war movie. Roads which was full of life was completely dark and quiet. Nothing was open. There were a lot of police cars making their rounds.

Even during the day, the mall which normally was full of people and I used to have to fight to pass through, was really deserted which was really bizarre for me. Loads of shops closed down because the proprietor anticipated that there would not be a lot of sales anyway.

Usually there parking here will be completely filled with loads of people walking around

My biggest worry though is that we don’t earn enough money to pay for the mortgage and bills that we have to pay. There has been political talks of mortgage, bills, taxes being suspended. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it were to happen, would really ease our burden.

When the announcement was done by Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister last night, a lot of people went into panic buying mode. Crowding around the supermarket. Which just kinds of defeat the purpose.

Out of curiosity, Cart and I were at the big supermarket not too far away from where we live this morning. Just to see the situation.

Considering that it is a Wednesday, there was an unusual amount of cars parked outside. We soon found out there was a limit to the amount of people who are allowed in. So you might have to queue up to enter.

At the entrance, there was sanitizer gels and gloves for customers to use. Inside, each staff were wearing gloves and masks. And customers are reminded regularly to keep a distance of 1 metre from another. But apart from that, it was like any other day.

There were still loads of toilet papers available. You know, because Italians use bidets.

I just hope for the situation to get better. The virus is one thing, but the mass hysteria from the few is even worse.

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  1. Hi! I’ve been wondering what you were up to. In the news here, we hear that Italy has been hit really hard and people coming to the US from Italy are expected to self-quarantine for 14 days. Whether they do that or not, who knows?

    Things here in New York City are already starting to slow down. I can’t imagine how it must be there. I can empathize with your work issues. I have a position with the US Census that brings me into contact with a lot of people at the worst possible time! And I also deliver groceries for extra money as well.

    Anyway, hopefully the virus dies out there and things pick back up for you. Take care and I hope you both pass through the outbreak unscathed.

  2. Omg glad u are okay. hope u are holding up under quarantine! when i heard of italy, i immediately thought of you! Stay safe! (and sane)

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