Sick again

I’ve been sick for over a week now. It always happens each year around this time when the temperature begins to dip, this nasty virus goes around, attacking everyone.

For me it it started out a a sore-throat, and the next day, I started to have muscle aches and then it manifested to become a flu, fever and headache. Cart’s been very sweet these days and gave me an extra dose of cuddles and brought me over to see the doctor.

According to the doctor, I didn’t have a cold or fever, but instead I had a parainfluenza and prescribed me a medicine to help me breathe better. It was incredible to find out that the pack was only 65 cents and according to Cart, it’s medically subsidised here.

Nevertheless during the week I haven’t been very productive at all – I’ve missed all my exercise classes, I can’t go to work, which makes me sad. But it’s better for everyone.

All I’ve been doing was to stay at home and watch Netflix all day. There is this space opera called The Expanse, which has been rather captivating. And when I felt tired of staying in bed, cooked a little and when I finally had enough of the cabin fever, went off for a quick walk and fresh air when Cart wasn’t looking. I’m feeling better, but I think it’ll still be a few more days till I’ll be in tip top shape.

At this point of writing, Cart’s starting to get the same symptoms as I had last week. And now he wants a bell to ring. Oh dear.