New Glasses!

It’s like each time that I go back to Singapore, I’d always get myself a new pair of glasses. This could be a new tradition. Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

I prefer to use glasses as it’s more convenient. Sometimes I use contact lenses when I’m doing sports, but putting the lenses in my eyes, and then cleaning them afterwards is starting to be a chore. Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

(Marina with Katy Perry)

I could have had a pair made in Italy, but I think glasses are quite costly here. So I made this pair at the optician near my parent’s house. I’ve been going to them for years, even before migrating. Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

(Marina and Cart eating at Pizza Hut) 

And I love my new glasses! It’s slightly cat-eyed, and has a geek-chic look which I adore. Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

(Marina with Leonardo Dicaprio)

The glasses, combined with my bangs seems to make me look younger, which is very appreciated 😛 Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

(Marina and Cart, with friends Jerrick and Michelle)

Sometimes I wish that I had taken better care of my eyes when I was younger. There was a time when I remember that I could watch TV from across the room. Now I can’t see anything further than a quarter of a meter – everything becomes really blurry.

Which isn’t fun when you forgot where you’ve left your glasses. Marina's New Pair Of Glasses

(Marina and Cart with smurfy friends Xinyun and Ben)

The funny thing is though, I’ve always wanted to do lasik and be free of depending on glasses. But I happened to chance upon a video on how it was done and I quickly changed my mind.

Glasses are still okay for me, for now!