Spotted in Rome : Phone Charging Stations

While we were in Euroma2, I noticed a kiosk where you could charge your phone. The screen will indicate which slot was empty. You create your own pin to open them. Charge your phones in Rome

Inside you’ll find various cables for different kinds of phones. You connect them together, close the door and have a meal or continue shopping. Charge your phones in Rome

I recounted to Cart at how time ago, while I was living in Singapore at how I was able to go to a random handphone shop and ask them to charge the phone for me for a few cents.

Coming back to the kiosk, I thought that was a good idea, though I’m not sure how many would use it in reality as I think that too many would feel anxious when parted with their phones. Charge your phones in Rome

Speaking of phone charging stations, Cart and I stumbled upon this kiosk at the Cipro Metro station – this one was interesting to me as it also distributes water, similar to the one we saw in Aguillara. Charge your phones in Rome

It distributes both naturale and frizzate for free though and I look forward to bringing my bottle to fill it up and give it a try. Charge your phones in Rome

And on the other side, there is a charging station and you lift up the flap to connect your cable in. Charge your phones in Rome

You’d have to  stay there the entire duration. But since the area is full of portals, I can just imagine that not many would complain as this would be the perfect place for playing ingress and farming!