Sam’s gone…

Sam’s finally gone. He’s all beat up, and reaching his end, especially after what happened last year. By this point of writing, he’s probably on his way to be impounded. Such a pity, as despite the exterior, he was such a reliable scooter. It has been a good run together.

Which is why I chose to have another scooter from the same maker – Kymco. Initially I really wanted the Kymco Like 200i because of how much it reminds me of my old Vespa, but it’s much competitively priced by 1k Euro.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I preferred something with bigger wheels which to me is safer and more comfortable to ride, especially on bumpy roads. So I thought a People could be a better option (Sam was a People Series) Agility 200i 16+

But trying it out at the display room made me realise that it was rather big. It might not look it from the picture above, but I was quite worried that I might fall off the scooter from the weight and the size of it. Agility 200i 16+

Which was why when I saw the Agility 16+ 200i, I quickly changed my mind – it fit what I needed – bigger wheels, compact size, which is perfect for manoeuvring through traffic. Plus, it made more sense price-wise – For about 2k Euro for a People 125 cc, you could get the stronger engine Agility 200 CC. Agility 200i 16+

Looks wise, it’s quite rugged, but I think it’s quite cute anyways. I would get the blue or the red one, but it’s not available in Italy.  Nevertheless, I love the black matte – it’s so classy. Agility 200i 16+

By the way, below isn’t a review as I literally have used the scooter for less than 24 hours but here are my quick thoughts about it :

The front of the scooter is standard – with the speedometer and the fuel gauge, the lights and whatnots. But unlike my older scooters, the front has a blue light instead of the typical yellow bulb. Agility 200i 16+

We got the additional large wind-shield as it’s something good to have especially during the winter. Cold wind in your face is very uncomfortable – and I like that this one shields part of the hands too.

You fill up the fuel in front instead of under the seat which I found quite radical. Agility 200i 16+

Instead of the petrol knob, the battery is inserted in the underseat. By the way, it’s inadequate to fit my regular helmet inside and I think this only fits half helmets. Agility 200i 16+

Which is why it’s great that Kymco provided the box together with the scooter, although I don’t know if this is available for other countries. Agility 200i 16+

The box can fit two helmets if you knew how to. It’s also big enough for a regular grocery run. What’s interesting about this is that you could detach it from the base and carry it with you – although I highly recommend that you practise putting it on and off multiple times until you get a hang of it or risk having your box fly off while you ride. Agility 200i 16+

With the same key, you can open the glove compartment. I wished that it had a push button I had from my Vespa, but a really good consolation is that it has a power point! I could charge my phone with a cigarette-Lighter USB adapter. I haven’t tried this yet as mine doesn’t fit in it – I’d need a smaller one.

Although one negative point is that the size is too small to fit my phone in – too small to even fit my winter gloves in  too. Agility 200i 16+

There is also the foot rest that springs out when you press the button. I haven’t had any passengers yet so I still have to find out if it bothers my ankles while I ride. Agility 200i 16+

View of how big the footrest is compared to my feet. Still pretty big. The People is much much bigger compared to this – see why I changed my mind? Agility 200i 16+

But the biggest change would have to be the safety device that Cart was adamant that I get. It’s really cool – with a press of a button, I can set the alarm so if there were anyone moving my scooter, there will be an obnoxiously loud siren. Agility 200i 16+

There’s also the panic button (which makes siren without setting the alarm) and the alarm button which flashes the lights on the scooter even when you’re from a distance away.

This is so high tech. My scooter is like a car!

Riding wise, I’m getting used to it. I’ve been using Sam for years so it does feel different when you’re on a slightly more powerful machine.

Perhaps it’s me, but I feel a sort of drag whenever I’m going at a higher speed – as if there is more inertia. Even when I’m turning on a bend, that drag is there – like an invisible hand is pulling you down.  I guess it’s a new fangled technology using gyroscopes for safety function but it’s a rather unnerving feeling anyway.

Nevertheless, so far it has been a pleasant ride and I’ve had a really good afternoon zipping around the neighbourhood with it. It’s really lovely to be going around on a scooter again – it’s like I have my wings again! Even though I have a car driving’s license, I much prefer the two wheeler 😀

At this point of time, I’m waiting for this to come in the mail : Agility 200i 16+

No need to say why 😛