The tallest pair of shoes I’ve ever worn

In Italy, there are big sales held twice a year – once in January and the other in July.

I don’t usually buy a lot of things during the sale as I think that I have quite a number of apparels already and I’m trying to embrace the minimalist style of living – if I don’t wear something at least once in a year, I shouldn’t get more of it.

Anyway Cart gave me a lovely red and black dress recently as a gift. It’s a an elegant looking dress that wouldn’t look out of place to be worn at a classy luncheon or a cocktail party. I doubt that we’ll be going to an event like this in the near future, but no matter, I thought that I could just pair it with my grey shoes.

No!” Cart said indignantly, “A dress like that needs to be matched with black shoes“.

Uh ok. So taking advantage of the sale, we went to Euroma2 and headed to the various shoe shops inside. I didn’t quite like many of the choices there, but when we stopped at the final shop, was when we both got mesmerized by this pair of black pumps. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

This used to be 80 euros and it’s on 50% discount and it’s gorgeous. It’s by a brand called Mana Designs which I’ve never heard of before, but I love the sleekness of it. It has a modern front base which gives the illusion of a boosted height. It’s rounded which I liked as personally, I’ve never liked pointy shoes. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

I especially liked it’s simplistic elegance, making it suitable for practically almost any outfit. And the curve of the back heels is so sexy. Putting them on, makes me feel very sexy.

As much as I enjoy wearing shoes that allows me to run around like my New Balance Minimus, I don’t mind wearing this every now and then.

The only problem is that this is probably the tallest pair of shoes that I’ve ever had.  I could walk in them fine when I’m at home, but we all know that it’ll be a different experience altogether wearing them out. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

I’d have to walk in a slow and calculated gait as there is a risk that I might break my ankles if I’m not careful. But putting them on makes me feel sexy though, poised and powerful.

By the way, did you read the article about how studies found that men are more willing to help women in heels? Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

Anyway, lets see how it goes. Maybe I’ll wear it out next week’s Saturday.

Sidenote : My friend was posting this interesting offer in a restaurant in Singapore – the higher your heels are, the more discount you’ll get. I think I could easily get a 50% off my bill!