Buon viaggio Pino Daniele

I first heard Pino Daniele’s music time ago while attending a concert at Circo Massimo. He has a distinctive, soft voice which grows on you and eventually I found that I enjoyed listening to his music which ranges from the blues, jazz and pop.

Pino Daniele

When listening to him speak, he sounds like a nice person. He was from Naples, which is why some of his songs has a Napoli dialect but he also infuses some with English too like, “Yes I know my way“.

His music was timeless to me, which was why I was stunned to hear about his recent passing due to a heart attack. He did a concert just a couple of days ago!  And reading his last tweet gives me the sads…

Buon viaggio Pino Daniele, probably one of the most talented Italian Singer-Song writer. You’ll always be remembered.

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  1. Why does my first time to comment on your lovely blog have to be about such a terrible event? I still can’t quite believe that Pino Daniele is gone. Too much sadness this week… Floria (long-time lurker!)

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