Happy new year!

Welcome to the first days of 2015! I hope that you had a lovely time celebrating the new year.


Cart and I didn’t do much during new years’ eve though. It has been freakishly cold these past weeks so much so that I feel a freeze burn just being out for a couple of minutes stepping out of the car – it’s not so much the cold that bothered me, but the wind multiplying the cold factor. I don’t ever remember it being that cold in Rome.



We spent it by going to the city centre and I managed to visit the Singapore consulate to ask some questions about my Singaporean passport which was going to expire in a few months.  Just as I expected there wasn’t anyone around to serve us, but it was interesting to roam around inside – it’s quite posh.

Despite the cold, there were lots of people roaming around the city centre – it’s hard to miss the festive vibe all around.


Especially at Via del Corso where there happened to be plentiful of decorational lights of international flags. I tried to find the Singapore one, but couldn’t. So this one of Malaysia would have to do since she’s our neighbour.

We thought about joining our friends at Gianicolo like we did a couple of years back but it was so cold! Too cold to even throw things out of the window! I’d much rather stay indoors and watch the fireworks over a plate of lenticchie in the hopes that we have lots of riches in the next months 🙂

In any case, I hope that you had a lovely new year celebration thank you for reading Marina’s Bloggariffic and here’s hoping to love, peace, happiness and richness!