Completed the 90 day body revolution!

I’m not sure if you’ve watched this video of the first woman to complete American Ninja Warrior.

A better quality video here.

Watching her go through all the obstacles was so impressive that I was left enthralled and inspired. She’s like a real life Lara Croft!

The obstacles even looked fun and reminded me of the ones that I went to for school camp. For a brief moment, I wondered if there was something similar (but less daunting) in Rome. I found the Spartan Race while searching online although I’m hesitant to join as it seems quite demanding. 30 burpees for every obstacle you fail to pass. Yikes!

Body Revolution

Anyway, the past 3 months I’ve been busy doing Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution where you do 4 circuit training (or phases) and 2 cardio exercises, 30 minutes each, a week over a course of 12 weeks.

Here is a taste of phase 1 :

It started out as something I wanted to do for fun. As I did her 30 day shred before, naturally I wanted to progress to something a little more. I liked that we didn’t need any fancy equipments – all we needed was a stretch cord, a mat and some hand weights all of which I already had. By right we are advised to have a pair of 3, 5 and 8 pound weights but all I have are a pair of 1 kg and 1.5 kg weights which I use together in combination for the heavier weights.

Body Revolution

For those who have already done the 30 day shred would probably find weeks 1 & 2 easy. Jillian uses quite a number of familiar moves like bicycle crunches and chest fly’s. Nevertheless, I still feel sore the day after. I regularly find myself red faced and completely drenched with perspiration at the end of each workout. Body Revolution

Each workout changes every 2 weeks and gets progressively harder, with the same philosophy I suppose as a P90X workout where your body doesn’t adapt to the same exercises, preventing a plateau and get continuous improvements.

Seeing physical changes didn’t take very long neither, and by the end of the first month, I could already see changes in my tummy, chest and arms. Although admittedly my tummy pack disappears as soon as I eat a meal.

Nevertheless I’m quite happy with how I look like. I feel that I’m more toned compared to how I looked like before and I enjoy looking at my shape in the mirror in the nude.

At the end of the first month. Please excuse the splotchy mirror : Body Revolution

At the end of the second month : Body Revolution

And at the end of the third month : Body Revolution

My arms and shoulders look so different! At the risk of sounding so conceited, but It’s hard to imagine that I am even trimmer compared to myself in 2012.

If you were wondering, I haven’t lost any weight with this program, which is good as I didn’t plan to. I think I’ve reached my optimal weight at 56 kg. I probably could look even leaner if I followed the diet that Jillian recommends, but with my experience after doing the marathon this year, I’d prefer not stick to a  daily 1200 calorie diet as I am a fairly active person and eating too little will make me very tired and grumpy.

Now that I’ve finished the 90 day workout, I’m taking a break. In all honesty, I don’t know if I want to continue with it again. Even though I loved the results, I find myself always procrastinating when it comes to workout time, considering that it is only 30 minutes, which is not a good sign.

There were times when I didn’t want to exercise at all as I felt weak from the workout from the day before. I had to remind myself that I’ve already done so many weeks, it’ll be a waste to quit now. The time when I felt most motivated was in workout 12 when everyone cheered and clapped at the end.

Body Revolution

(Image from Gosh, Jillian looks crazy evil here.

And there were those times when I find myself in pain and left hobbling a couple of hours after doing the exercises. I seem to still have issues with my left knee and I don’t want to risk injuring it  and had to modify my movements. This training has A LOT of jumping and squatting which is not good for those with bad knees.

But who knows what will happen in the future. Hopefully my knee will grow stronger and maybe I could find something else to challenge myself for the fun of it.

If you’re thinking of taking up the 90 day body revolution, be forewarned, it’s VERY tough especially from week 3 onwards and can be quite a commitment. But it works in the end. It really works. Give it a try if you have the courage 🙂

And so I end this post with a picture of my posterior courtesy of the body revolution. Body Revolution

Kim K who?

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  1. Awesome!!!!
    Kudos to you and your hard work!
    I hope I can stay motivated to what I’ve just started here. Kadang2, lemau bila takde kaki. Keep it up, Rinaz!

  2. Been a follower of your blog for the past several years.I thought before and especially now,Marina you no longer are the “fatty plumpish ,dowdy looking and unattractive lady with spectacles and limp unstyled hair”…You have worked hard for the body that you should be proud of today.I say Marina,take the leap and go for a makeover,,the hair!Show us girl!

    1. Thanks for reading all these years! I’m still dowdy looking with spectacles, just with a better body. Ahahahaha! XD

      What sort of hairstyle would be nice in your opinion, Trisha? 🙂

  3. Hello Marina,good to hear from you with a reply.Would you be comfortable with a shorter length,say a bob but long enough for a French twist?Still sexy worn straight or with curls .haha ,now I got you imagining ….

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