This is married life #12

It was my birthday last Friday. Normally I’d do my annual video recap but this time round I was planning on doing something different, so do watch out for it in the near future! Plus it was a rather busy day for me, cleaning the house, then grocery shopping and then cooking.

I wanted to cook Ayam Masak Merah for dinner but lemongrass, an important ingredient used in it was missing. We used to have a bunch of them in the old freezer till our misadventure.

There is an Asian shop about 10 minutes from where we live, that has a number of items commonly used in Asian cooking such as dried chilli and coconut milk but he didn’t sell any lemon-grass so I had no choice but to go all the way to a place called Pacific Trading srl in Central Rome to get some.

Usually it would be precut and frozen but exploring the rest of the shop, I saw to my pleasant surprise, fresh ones in the refrigerated section! Granted that it was quite expensive compared to buying them in Singapore itself, but I felt ridiculously happy after trying to search for them for almost half a decade of living here.

Later on, we had a pleasant evening chatting with our lovely friends, catching up on what’s going on with our lives – there is something about bonding over home cooked food which is something very simple but extremely satisfying for me. And I think the highlight of the evening, was the personalised cake that Cart got for me.

It was adorable! I was fine with a regular cake, but opening the box and seeing my cartoon on it was the figurative cherry on top of the literal cake!

I feel so loved 🙂

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  1. belated happy b-day to you! ^0^

    wow, the cake was literally like a cut out from your cartoon strips.
    the cutest version of you two. ^-^

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