How I made a pair of culottes with 2 euro

There is a large bancarella near the Piramide metro station which opens from morning till the evening. rainbow in Rome

It can get a little overwhelming as there are an increasing number of unlicensed sellers (called abusivi) there, but if you’re diligent you could find interesting things there and I scored this skirt for 2 euro. Sews a pair of culottes

It was much too large for me to wear as it is, but I planned on making a pair of culottes with them. I’ve wanted one for the longest time. As you know, culottes are a pair of trousers that look like skirts. They are said to be great for lady bikers as they look feminine and yet decent enough so that you don’t get an awkward up-skirt situation with normal skirts. Sews a pair of culottes

I’ve never done anything like this before so it was a good practise using a second hand outfit. Even if I messed up, it was just 2 euro as opposed to having to pay 70 for new materials.

Researching online, I found a blog where it teaches you on how to make a pair of culottes. but since my skirt was already pre-made, it didn’t quite apply the same so I’d just have wing it somehow. Sews a pair of culottes

I basically de-constructed the skirt using a seam-ripper and divided it into two – each part will be meant as a tube for each leg, and putting the zip and buttons aside. Sews a pair of culottes

With each piece, I folded it, and measured the waist using my waist circumference times 2 divided by 6,28. I etched a line on that and added another 5 cm leeway and then drew a curve with enough space to fit my hips. Sews a pair of culottes

And then cut using the guidelines.

After that, all that was needed was a side stitch to prevent them from fraying and then to connect them together with a sewing machine. I left some space on the front so that I could add in the zip. Sews a pair of culottes

And here is what it looks like finished! Sews a pair of culottes Sews a pair of culottes

I don’t think it’s my best handiwork, as the stitchings look so rough and uneven. It definitely could be better but nevertheless, I’m childishly proud and excited of it. Sews a pair of culottes

Hence the same day itself when I was done sewing, I gave it a test run on Sam the scooter. It was fine enough initially, but when I went at high speeds and coupled with the strong winds, due to the large flare at the bottom … I accidentally showed off more thigh than what I expected. Ehm. I guess this might need to be modified a little more.

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  1. I burst out laughing at the kangkang pose picture, so cute! I can’t believe you got a Laura Ashley skirt for only 2 euros, mad props to you kakak! The modified skort (culotte hehe what a peculiar word) looks really good! *thumbs up*

    1. Alamak, kangkang pose doesn’t sound nice at all! 😛

      The thing about buying things from bancarelle, is that you never know what you’re going to get. And sometimes there are loads of branded stuff too 🙂

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