Delicious vegan burgers at Rewild Cruelty Free Club

While I am not a vegan, I’ve went to a number of vegan food places where I had delicious food. For today’s blog post, I’d like to share with you a place in Rome where I enjoy going to whenever I have a hankering for a good vegan burger.

This place is called Rewild Cruelty-Free Club. Located in the bohemian area of Garbatella, this place might be a little out of the way to reach but I really think that it’s worth visiting. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

First timers may be intimidated by all the images of animals being abused. The front door is usually locked and you will have to press the buzzer to be let in.

Despite the daunting façade of the outside, the area inside looks like a small, regular pub. The vibe of the place is very casual with friendly waitresses.

To me, this is a place where you would bring your friends to hang out and there are materials such as books and even board games available for you to play with. Sometimes there will even be live music and events held there. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

To keep the price of the food afforable, Rewild functions as a club, and first time visitors will need to fill up a form and pay a subscription fee of one euro to become members here. This will be valid for a year.

There are a good variety of food here ranging  from appetizers all the way to the desserts. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

There was once the house special baked veggie pasta which was so creamy and delicious that it was hard to imagine that there was no butter or cream used in it. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

I also had this ‘veganisu’ which was quite lovely. While it tasted ‘cleaner’ than a real tiramisu, it was lovely nevertheless.

But the thing that I absolutely adore here are the burgers. Of all the ones that I’ve had, all them were very tasty and hearty. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

Here are some of the burgers that we’ve had between us : Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

I think this was the Miceneo – two seitan burgers with vegan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and sauces. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

This is a longobardo – soy patty with crumbs, harissa (a type of hot sauce) brinjal, bell pepper and mustard. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

I think this was the Normanno – Breaded soy patty, spreadable vegan cheese, radicchio, onion and mayo. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

I think this was the unno – Grilled seitan, lettuce, grilled onions, mustard and paprika.

Portion wise, all of the burgers that we had were quite large. It was hard for me personally to try to take a bite in one piece on account of how tall my burger was. Rewild Vegan Club Rome Italy

We usually have our burgers with a portion of fries. And you could ask for condiments such as harissa, mayonaise and ketchup. Considering that this costs about 2 euro, this is a huge portion which is enough for two people. In the end, it was enough as a very satisfying main course.

At this point of time, I think that Rewild probably has the best vegan burger that I’ve had in Rome. The food is good and affordable. In fact, Cart and I usually spend less than 25 euro between us.

Even if you’re not vegan, this is a place that’s worth a visit.

Rewild Cruelty-Free Club
Via Giovannipoli 18
Rome, Italy

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  1. Whoa! Those veggie burgers look tantalising! For the past couple of months, I’ve stopped eating red meat, I don’t really miss it but I do miss a good burger from time to time. It’s time that I start looking for a similar resto here in Geneva!

    1. I don’t think I can turn into vegan. But I am reducing my meat intake and on most days of the week, I eat a vegetarian diet 🙂

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