How to tell where your eggs were harvested

Despite eggs having a reputation of having a high cholesterol level, Cart and I eat a fair amount of eggs every other day as it is a good and cheap source of protein.

Something interesting to notice is that in Italy, eggs sold in supermarkets are always printed with information about them : Eggs in Italy

From the print, customers will able to see detailed information such as where the egg was harvested and the grade given. Eggs in Italy

Typically the price ranges are according to the size, but an important thing to take note of is also the hen living conditions, as stated on the first number. Eggs in Italy

  • 0 = Organic eggs
  • 1 = Eggs harvested from free roaming chickens
  • 2 = Eggs collected from ground hens
  • 3 = Eggs collected from caged hens Eggs in Italy

Prior to this, I didn’t care too much about my eggs as long as it was the cheapest one. But after knowing the codes and knowing how hens are treated in battery cages,  we try to make a conscious effort not to buy grade 2 and below  where ever possible.