Marina the camera destroyer

As much as I find myself using my android phone a lot for taking photos, many a times, I still prefer to use my trusty point-and-shoot camera.

I think it’s still the more superior choice when taking photos – it loads up faster, the picture quality is better, and I could just leave it for weeks and the battery would still be full. Canon Ixus 200 IS

When I first got my little blue camera, I was very happy with it. It was sleek, had interesting functions and using it, I started and learnt how to create HD video blogs. And I always put it in my bag, ready for a photo opportunity.

It’s just that … I’m so clumsy!

My trusty camera has probably been mistreated more than by a regular person. It’s been dropped countless of times, one of the worst fall it had was while we were in Viterbo and I accidentally dropped it on the cobblestones as I was trying to reply to my ringing mobile phone. Canon Ixus 200 IS Camera

You can imagine how bad I felt as it dropped on the surface. It was badly scratched, and the battery cover didn’t close properly but thankfully, the LCD screen was whole and the camera still worked fine.

I promised myself to be more careful next time.

But recently I was horrified to find out that the shutter won’t open and close properly since a few days ago. Like something was stuck inside. Inspecting it, I realised that it smells of strawberries.

Even though I did ate and take a picture of a strawberry ice cream, I’m usually very careful when doing food photography. I don’t remember dripping anything on the camera. It doesn’t make  scientific sense. Ice cream drips down! And my camera was always pointing up. Scratched Canon Ixus 200 IS Camera

This is a Magnum Strawberry Ice-cream covered with White Chocolate by the way. Was it worth killing my camera for this shot? I don’t know -_-

It was till when I noticed my camera slip cover. It had dried strawberry ice cream inside it. I must have had dripped ice cream in it some how.

And now all my shots look like me waking up at 5 am. Damaged Canon Ixus 200 IS Camera


I feel like such a bad owner. It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose and I know it’s not a living thing, but my heart hurts each time it gets damaged. And as a blogger, I should be taking better care of my camera. But for something that has lasted for about 4 years, it’s not that bad right?

At this point of time, I’m eyeing on this. It’s just that … I don’t want to break another camera!

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