Anyone going to Singapore day?

Not sure if you’ve seen this before, and this event has been promoted aggressively on the Singaporeans in Italy group but I’ll just share it here nevertheless 🙂 Singapore Day in London 2014

Singapore day is basically a day where Singaporeans living overseas get together and reconnect, usually in a place where there is a large population of Singaporeans living in. The location rotates each time. The first event was held in New York in 2007, and then Melbourne, London, Shanghai and Sydney. Singapore Day in London 2014

This year, it will return back to London in Victoria Park on the 29th of March : a week after doing Maratona di Roma. Hopefully, I’ll be completely recovered by then and be moving around easily to explore the park and enjoy the different programmes there. Singapore Day in London 2014

If given the chance, I’d much prefer to go back to Singapore itself to visit my friends and family. The only issue is that the flight tickets back to Singapore alone costs quite a bit and the journey takes time, so I guess this event is probably a sort of consolation.

Some of the highlights not to be missed at the Singapore Day event are, firstly the food and here are a number of Singaporean delights which I look forward to tasting again : Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014 Singapore Day in London 2014

From what I’ve read, apart from Bakut Teh, Fried Hokkien Mee, Char Kway Teow and the BBQ Chicken Wings all the meats used in the list, are imported from halal sources so I could give them a try. Poor Cart who is a vegetarian has a much more limited variety though.

There will be a number of recognized Singaporean personalities and this year, the event will be hosted by the multi talented Hossan Leong as well as Gurmit Singh who is most famous for his role as Phua Chu Kang. I met him once while auditioning for Singapore Idol, many years back, and he seemed like such nice guy. Singapore Day in London 2014

There will be Michelle Chong and Chua Enlai playing as Barbarella and Jacques Ooi from the award winning comedy-satire, “The Noose“. Have you ever watched the series? It’s so funny and I look forward to seeing them.

There will also be the Dim Sum Dollies and also Jack and Rai as well as The Great Spy Experiment.  Admittedly, I’ve been away from Singapore for so long that I wasn’t aware of these acts but a quick peek on online and giving them a listen, both these groups are the types that I wouldn’t mind listening to, on any given day.

So are there anyone from the bloggariffic family out there going? I look forward to attending Singapore day and visiting London for the first time! Cart and I are already registered for it, although we’ve yet to make bookings for the flight there.

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  1. It wasn’t a good thing to see all of those photos of delicious food first thing in the morning! Now I’m starving and all I have ready is a bowl of cold cereal. =( I still miss the hawkers in Singapore. It’s so tasty and so convenient.

    My wife and I have been eating a vegetarian diet for about a week now I think. I’m not sure if it’s going to last. I miss chicken!

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Oh wow, good job! It’s not that tough as there are so many yummy vegetarian recipes around and you could still eat eggs and cheese and honey and other animal produce. Becoming vegan on the other hand … or even more challenging .. raw!

      Cart and I have been going to this vegan shop and been experimenting with cooking with muscolo di grana (which is a softer type of seitan) I think going vegetarian is good, but I still would eat animals. A good compromise is probably going vegetarian one time a week (or more).

      1. I’ve heard of seitan. There’s a show they play on the public television here regularly about a guy that made his own type of seitan called Monk’s Meat. I want to try it out.

        I think I’m allergic to eggs. I need to see a dermatologist to find out for sure, but I agree that it’s not too hard to be vegetarian. It’s just hard to resist the smells of cooking meat. I don’t think I could go vegan or raw, though. That’s a bit much, though I heard a raw diet is supposed to be really healthy.

        Thanks for the link. I didn’t realize that many resources went into meat!

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