The Maratona di Roma route 2014

Maratona di Roma just recently published their route on their facebook page and I was going through it and visualising it in my head. Maratona di Roma Route 2014 #rinazdoes42km

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I’m quite psyched as we’ll be passing through a lot of interesting sights in Rome. Even though I live in Rome, and have been to these places a number of times, one never gets tired of seeing these picturesque sights.

The first 10 km, we’ll be passing by Circo Massimo, Piramide, Garbatella and Basilica di San Paolo. This church is supposed to be the second largest church in Rome after Saint Peter. Maratona di Roma Route 2014 #rinazdoes42km

At the 10km mark, we’ll reach Testaccio where one of my favourite restaurant is, we’ll be going by the Tiber river and next to Isola Tiberina where the famous hospital is. Maratona di Roma Route 2014 #rinazdoes42km

At point 17 km,  we’ll be passing by Castel St Angelo and the unforgettable Piazza San Pietro.

After that at about point 25 km, we’ll be passing by Stadio Olimpico and by Ponte Milvio. I like this area as this is the bridge where the lovers write their names on a lock and chain it to a lamp post and throw away the key in the river to symbolise eternal love.

Ponte Milvio

At point 30 km, we’ll reach near Parco della Musica where Cart and I watched Pat Matheny live as well as the Gelato festival not too long ago. There is also the Gran Moschea where I could pray for strength …

At around point 39 km, we’ll be seeing the iconic Piazza del Popolo and then to Piazza del Spagna where the scene with Audrey Hepburn eating a gelato will forever be immortalized in A Roman Holiday. rainbow in Rome

The final few kilometres, we’ll be passing by the Quirinale, where the parliament house is, and we’ll end at Piazza Venezia, where the Vittorio Emanuele monument is, or the typewriter as the locals affectionately call it. - Palazzo Barberini

Quite a lovely scenic route! Although at first when I went through the map, I feel quite daunted as going by the path by car alone takes time and going 32 km on my own already takes more than 5 hours. Gulp!

But I’m going to try to keep myself positive and not think too much about it. Who knows, with the excitement being with thousands of people with me, and seeing the beautiful sceneries in front of me might give me more motivation 🙂 #rinazdoes42km

Just 9 more days to go now till #rinazdoes42km!

Sidenote : I noticed that refreshment kiosks will be located at each 5 km point and sponging stations in the middle of each. What do you do with the sponges? Can you drink out of them?

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  1. For marathoners from other countries, it’ll be like speed-touring Rome. They can legitimately say they’ve seen all those places in one day! Hahahaha.

    All the best for the run, Marina. 🙂 Woohoo!!!

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