To half-marathon distance and beyond!

During the weekend I hit 22 km on my training schedule – the longest distance that I’ve gone so far. And it will only get longer in the coming weeks.  Eek! (>_<) #rinazdoes42km Training

I forced myself not to think too much about it as I don’t want to freak out. I’ll just do what I can. For whatever reasons if it happens that I couldn’t run any more, I’ll just walk the remaining distance. sunrise

In the morning, I saw the most glorious sunrise outside of my window.  I went ahead and had my breakfast as usual, did my warm ups, mixed my energy drink, then kissed the sleeping Cart and finally headed out of the door in trepidation.

I read online that once you go for longer runs, you should carry with you something that gives you an energy boost like an energy bar to recover the calories that you’ve burned. I haven’t tried energy bars personally, but I think it’s a hassle, trying to munch it while you’re half dead and huffing and puffing away.

So recently, I was at the supermarket and at length, chose the Enervit G Sport energy drink. #rinazdoes42km Training Enervit G

Inside the tin, is white crystal grains : #rinazdoes42km Training Enervit G

Which you take two spoonfuls of and mix it with 500 ml of water which then changes to light orange.

I don’t usually drink stimulants like coffee, and I’ve been cutting out on carbonated drinks for my training. Which could be the reason why I had a curious feeling while drinking it on my on runs.

Remember how I’ve been saying that I keep feeling tired at the end of my runs? Compared to my previous trainings, the past two times when I took this drink with me, I didn’t feel as tired despite covering more distance #rinazdoes42km Training

What is in this thing? Are there drugs inside? I feel more alert as compared to before.

Nevertheless, while it helped in keeping up my energy, it didn’t help with the burning sensation that I felt in my thighs. And as I desperately tried to find new paths to cover in my route, I felt like crying as I did the last 2 km.

Two things kept going through my mind :

1. Pain

For me, once I’ve started going past 15km, it’s not play time any more – my ankles start to feel strained, my thighs feel as if they are burning inside. And recently, my toes are starting to bleed slightly from the abrasion. I was surprised to see a curious stain on my shoe and alarmed to see dried blood, the same colour from the stain on the shoe, on my toe. #rinazdoes42km Training

Even my running top is making my arms chafe and there is a long mark across my underarm. It never did that before! And I now understand how there are people who has nipple bleeding while doing long distance running.

I’m toying with the idea of jogging without my shoes on, but for the thought of all the stones, broken glass and other sharp things on the road.

2. Fear

With the pain throbbing through my legs, I started to question myself, “What am I doing? Why am I doing this? What was I thinking? I can’t do this! FML. I want to kill myself“.

Keep moving forward

I kept on going nevertheless. After all, it’s just a couple of kilometres more. If I quit now, it would be stupid and a terrible waste.

And when I was finally done, I hobbled home and felt a surge of emotion.  Cartcart greeted me and when I looked at him, I couldn’t decide to cry from all the pain or cheer from my satisfaction on accomplishing such a tough mission. In the end, I just groaned and quickly did my cooling down stretches using the counter on my phone.

Speaking of phones, after going out with the GPS on for my Nexus for about 3 hours, the  battery got depleted significantly. As I don’t feel like spending 200 euro for a GPS watch, I’m contemplating to use my old Nokia Phone instead.  It should last for a bit longer.

Nokia E72

After showering, all I wanted to do was to stay on the sofa and vegetate in front of the telley. I don’t even want to move at all unless necessary. I don’t even mind the idea of using an IV drip with my lunch mashed up in a bag if that means that I don’t have to move my jaws. Giraffe Blanket

Thankfully, at this point of time of writing, I don’t feel any soreness in my body, which is actually quite surprising to me. It probably means that my body is growing stronger. I still have to move slowly nevertheless, as my right ankle will complain if I move too fast.

I salute those with full time jobs and are still able to train for the marathon. The fact that are they able to do this and still have the energy to socialise later is really impressive to me.

Regardless, I’m still alive and I’m crossing my fingers that whatever that doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. marathon schedule

Week 8 down and 8 more weeks to go till #rinazdoes42km!

10 Replies to “To half-marathon distance and beyond!”

  1. Dude the basic garmin 10 is 114 euro at decathlon. I wouldn’t trust my new iphone for running (it’s always off compared to my watch) let alone an old Nokia!!! If you’re going to keep running I’d say it a good investment and a small price to pay for knowing you are hitting the correct distances and pace. I couldn’t live without mine! Also get some anti blister cream and put it everywhere two pieces of skin touch (toes, arm pits, thighs, butt cheeks) you’ll save yourself A LOT of pain in the coming weeks.

    1. Ooooh green! *hypnotised*

      It looks interesting and simple to use. I was reading the specs and just a little concerned about the battery life being a maximum of 5 hours though. I’m not a fast runner and I think I’d be lucky if I complete the marathon in that pace. But for sure, I’ll keep that watch in mind. Thank you for the link 🙂

      About the blister cream, my friend was letting me know about this blister cream called “Butt Shield”. I had to do a double take to see if she was trolling me or being serious. It’s a real thing!

        1. It’s interesting that you ask, “How often will you run a marathon”. I was just telling Cart the other day, “In the future, if I said that I wanted to do another marathon, STOP ME! TELL ME NO!”

          But you know, I might change my mind. After Roma Ostia HM I told myself, “Nah. No full marathon for me”. One year later, here I am, training for one. (>_<) Anyway, thank you for the link. I'll think about it. At the moment, I'm still biased with the forerunner 10 because it's green. 😛

  2. You can do it Rinaz! You’re halfway there! 🙂 You impress me with your determination in spite of the difficulties that you face, that is very motivating to me.

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