Saving money to lose money

I wanted to make a video update at the end of 2013 for my 52 week challenge. I didn’t had the chance to, but I feel such an achievement that I’ve completed all 52 weeks. does 52 week challenge

What I liked about the challenge is how it makes you more aware of the expenditures that you spend in a week as you track your weekly progress and how it makes you more creative on how to save more.

At the end of the 52nd week, the person can do whatever she likes with the $1,378. For me, I chose to keep it in the bank for a bit of interest. 1% isn’t a lot, considering how much banks earn. But it’s something I guess. I got about 7 euro back in interest from my bank.

However in Italy, there is this thing called a bollo which is a sort of service charge on any public service, like going to the specialist doctor, paying bills at the post office and signing up for courses.

Conto Corrente

Oh boy. It’s not a lot of money. But still … 7 euro interest, 34 euro service fee. Saving money to lose money.

Cart tells me that the bollo should be the same every year, and that I should aim to put in more money so that I get more interest to cover the bollo.

But till then, I might as well just put my savings under the mattress. Just as long as no one throws it out.

rinaz cry