What Italians eat when they are sick

Mangiare in bianco, or to “eat white” is an Italian term where you eat food as bland as possible with little or no condiments. The justification to that is when you are sick, you are encouraged to eat simple food that’s easy for digestion.

Some examples are grilled chicken breasts with some olive oil and lemon juice, minestrina (which is like a very watered down version of minestrone) and boiled rice or pasta with a little bit of butter or olive oil and parmigiano.

rinaz.net pasta burro parmigiano mangiare in bianco

All them looking plain and devoid of colour which brings the term – dieta in bianco.

Which brings me to the theme of this post. I fell sick on my fifth wedding anniversary. So romantic!

Cart and I planned to go out for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant but as fate had it, I had blocked nose, horrible cough, aching body and most peculiarly, aching jaws. So we spent the evening at home instead, cuddling, looking at old pictures of us from when we first met and our milestones till now.


Despite all my valiant attempts at self medication, I still didn’t feel any better by Friday morning, so I spent the day crashed and passing out at my in laws, of whom I’m so grateful for taking such care of me, after seeing the doctor.

What to do? It is sick season after all.

My only worry is how this will be throwing off the momentum of my #rinazdoes42km training. I still want to continue it, although for now the most important thing is to focus on healing myself 🙂

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  1. Good luck with your recovery! My suggestion for the training is that you don’t try to jump right back into it at the level you were at before falling ill. Take a little time to build back up. I hope you start feeling better soon!

    Also, the logic behind the food italians eat when they’re sick sounds like the logic behind chicken soup. It’s easy to digest, rather bland, but has lots of nutrients. =)

    1. Actually I prefer eating chicken soup as it’s much more flavourful and heartier compared to cibo di bianco. I may be sick, but my appetite is still there! Hahaha! Speaking of which, coincidentally, I watched a documentary the other day about food and according to the experiment done, protein makes a person feel fuller for longer.

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