Why is there a bagpipe player outside my balcony?

There was a bagpipe player outside my balcony, yesterday.

rinaz.net Bagpipe player in Rome

It seems that he’d always appear in our neighbourhood once a year, somewhere in December. I’m not sure if this is an Italian tradition leading to Christmas, like an Advent Calendar.

It seems out of place. Why is there a man playing a bagpipe walking around in Rome? It is interesting to see nevertheless.

Update : Cart tells me that this man is a sort of Zampognaro – traditionally a shepherd with a bagpipe and he plays his instrument as the days go closer towards Christmas. Cart doesn’t believe that he’s a real shepherd though, as his shoes are wrong.

(I love the Ciocia by the way. Dolce and Gabbana can go home and take a break for a while)

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