Changing seasons

It’s starting to finally look like Autumn where I am. As sad as I am, with the thought that Summer is finally gone, it’s still lovely to see the Autumn scenery. The leaves on the trees are changing it’s colour to reds and oranges and yellows. It’s kind of romantic. autumn

As I walk around the neighbourhood, people are starting to go around wearing heavier coats. Some are even wearing furry little hats although I think that it’s still not that cold yet (Which is strange, coming from me, a girl who grew up in the tropics)

If you are here in Rome during these times, in the markets, you’d see loads of Autumn fruits and vegetables around – like chestnuts, pumpkins, cabbages, pears … all wonderful things to eat. autumn

Which reminds me, we should start roasting chestnuts soon! And it’s time to make pumpkin pie again!

Right now I’m wearing my brown pile sweater underneath my trusty blue thermal jacket – my summer clothes already tucked away deep in the cupboard long ago, in the cambio stagione routine.

With the drop in temperature, we finally had our heaters turned on a few days ago. As you know, we had to have it checked first before it gets the green light. It was the same boiler man that came over from the previous year. I don’t think he remembers me, as he asks me again if I were Filipina. autumn

As he did his job, we started chatting (or rather, I let him talk) and offered him a slice of banana bread. Somehow along the way, somehow we talked about jobs, about how his wife is a lawyer and then he asked me what I did. “Insegno inglese al domicilio” I replied and he did something that was quite unexpected, he scribbled Cart’s number (which was on the libretto) on a piece of paper and said, “Well, just in case my kids need an English teacher“.

That was kind of nice, even if I don’t think that anything will come out of it.

With the drop in temperature, I find myself using the car more frequently. As convenient and economical it is using the scooter, during the colder temperatures, it can be extremely uncomfortable and frostbites are a real risk.  I got really sick having to commute to work and back using the scooter throughout the winter and would rather spend a bit more on fuel and whatnots than having to go through that again.

stickrinaz and stickcart

Speaking of which, it’s been over a year and a half since getting my car. By now, I should have long taken off the P plate. The irony is though, instead of being more confident, I still get mini panic attacks when I’m on the road sometimes – like imagining that someone would run across the street as I’m driving by, which is probably a non issue as that’s something only an insane person would do. autumn

In any case, I’m not sure what else I can update you with, so I’ll just end abruptly here.

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