Expensive Sachertorte vs Cheaper version

Sachertorte is a cake that originated in Austria and is one of my favourite things to eat. It’s basically a dense chocolate cake with apricot jam inside and covered with chocolate icing.

rinaz.net sachertorte

I was whining to Cart, about wanting Sachertorte for the longest time that he decided to get some from two different places in the same day! One from a random pasticceria (which is cheaper) and another from the reputedly best place to get Sachertorte according to tripadvisor (which was more expensive)

rinaz.net sachertorte

It was unexpected and such a nice surprise that I had the sudden inspiration to do a video and try to guess which cake was the more expensive one.

I am very amused :p

15 Replies to “Expensive Sachertorte vs Cheaper version”

    1. Hahaha! I still want some now, they are both long gone already!

      Dai, Sally, lets go to Trastevere in Rome and get some of the best sachertorte in Rome 😉

  1. Actually, the expensive one is closer to the original. Also, in my opinion, its flavors are better balanced. The chocolate cake is denser and firmer, and the icing is the hard type (hence not so shiny…), as it’s supposed to be (like in the original from Hotel Sacher in Vienna). Rinaz can be excused because she didn’t have a chance to try the original one (yet).

  2. Cartcart, I’ve tasted the original one at that hotel in Vienna but the taste did not make me go to seventh heaven 🙁
    But of course, Marina..u should try it for yrself! 😛

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