3 gelaterie to try out in Rome

Before the weather gets too cold, try these 3 different gelaterie in Rome that I stumbled on and really liked.

1. Grom

My friend Magdaline and I were at Euroma2 recently and she spoke highly of the place. It’s been newly opened for several months, and already there seems to always be people queuing up for it.  Grom reminds me of the same concept as San Crispino where they cover the gelato with a metal lid and you don’t see what it looks like underneath.


They also has seasonal flavours. Right now, for Autumn I see Cachi (Persimmon) Mela (Apple) Pera (Pear) and Limone (Lemon)

Mag had the Cachi flavour, and it was an intense, fresh taste of persimmons. The taste was true, like it was made of real persimmons – refreshingly sweet. While I had ‘Crema come una volta’ which is basically made of eggs and milk. I really loved how simple, yet intense the flavour profile was. It was so good!

2. La Gourmandise

Located in the picturesque area of Monteverde, I’m not sure if this place is very accessible but I find the gelato  here rather refined tasting.


Sometimes, there are unusual flavours here such as ananas con curry which reminds me of eating a Malay pineapple side dish (so it’s a little strange to me) but I especially love the lavanda e zenzero gelato here, and tend to get that each time I come here.

It’s a very ‘clean tasting’ ice cream. It’s not how a number of ice cream tends to put additional ingredients to make the flavour come together, you can taste the natural sweetness and taste like a primabella.

This is the type of gelato that you have to savour slowly to enjoy it.

3. Al Settimo Gelo

Cart and I stumbled upon this gelateria while we were roaming around Aurelia and decided to try their gelato out.


The location is probably unusual to get to, but the place is interesting as there are no gluten in their ingredients. There are a lot of interesting flavours here like cardamom, ginger and cinnamon as well as saffron.

I find the gelato here lovely and very clean tasting gelato and delicate. I highly recommend the gelato persiano. It is amazing!

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4 Replies to “3 gelaterie to try out in Rome”

  1. Hello Marina, winter is approaching, time to stop thinking of gelato:) you should compare places were they sell roasted chesnut or sweet potatoes!

    1. Oooh sweet potatoes! I didn’t really see them being sold in little kiosks or things like that. Chestnuts yes. But not sweet potatoes. I’ll look out for that. 🙂

  2. aaahhhh…you made me salivate and its so hot now in singapore! we didnt have to venture out much to seek for gelato cos there was one Gelateria SM Maggiore at via Cavour right at our hotel’s doorstep! hehe… had gelato the 3 days we were there cos it was so hot in June! one of the staff even kindly pointed out that one of their flavours contained alcohol (i was wearing hijab), so impressed! 🙂

    1. If you think it’s hot in June, you should try being here in the middle of August. Super hot! It’s not uncommon to have the temperature go up all the way to 40 degrees even. Eek!

      Anyway, that was nice of the people at the gelateria to acknowledge that – that’s pretty smart of them 🙂

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