These are the best food that I’ve had in Langkawi

While we were in Langkawi, there were a number of eating places that we tried there – ranging from the swanky to the really off beaten places.

Like this platter from Arabica Restaurant. It was tasty, but rather pricey.

For today, I thought I’d share with you two of the food places that we’ve been to that I adored so much, that I wouldn’t mind returning back to Langkawi just to eat these foods again.

Firstly dubious burgers.

Dubious burgers are basically what I call for burgers which are made from a makeshift stall sold from the side of the road. There are loads of these in Malaysia. While they are many different kinds, typically, they are Ramly burgers, and they are absolutely delicious!

I was craving for a dubious burger, so we headed out to look for one. We looked around for one in Kuah, but we didn’t see any, so we had a quick dinner at McDougals near the Eagle Square in the end.

I didn’t eat any as McDougals is quite standard everywhere in the world.

Dejected, we headed back to our apartment once we were done. And that was where I noticed something that looked like a makeshift stall at the side of the road, somewhere along “Persiaran Putera” road.

It was a makeshift burger stall! I was so happy! My heart just sang!

Here you could choose different types of meat like chicken, fish, beef, lamb (No rabbit or deer or ostrich burger though :P) While it wasn’t Ramly burger, the style was still the same – they would add in various condiments like mayo, worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, cheese and topped with a fried egg.

But what made the place extra special was that they had a grilled version. Which was why I had to double check to make sure that it was a burger stall instead of a satay stall. I was so intrigued that I ordered one for each one of my family member. (Minus Cart who is a vegetarian)

(Speaking of vegetarians, it’s not that easy to get street food for vegetarians in Malaysia. A number don’t seem to understand the concept. Or even worse, give you a stink eye)

While there were not a lot of people around and the burgers took a while to make as grilling takes a longer time. And at $6 RM a piece, it was more expensive than your regular street burger. But it was totally worth it when I started biting into it.

I know that from looking at the picture, it doesn’t look very convincing, but the meat was thick and juicy and combined with the taste of the tangyness of the mayo and the BBQ sauce. It was the juiciest, meatiest, most satisfying burger that I had in a long time. It was exceptionally good. A piece of heaven in the palm of my hands.

I was probably ingesting a lot of calories, but it’s worth each bite. After all, it’s not every day that I’m on vacation and it was so delicious that I kept thinking of it for days and days after.

When you are in Langkawi, if will be a shame if you left without trying out their seafood. But with the numerous amount of seafood joints, which one do we go to?

Cart decided to check out on foursquare where we saw that Wonderland restaurant had the highest ratings for seafood. It wasn’t too far away from our apartment either, so we decided to give it a try on our last evening in Langkawi.

The place looked very nondescript – your basic stall with metal poles and plastic chairs. Nevertheless, you could tell that the place is very popular due to the amount of people there, while the other stalls on the other side were practically empty.

Coincidentally we were hungry, after spending the day trying to squeeze some last minute excursions before our flight the next day. We didn’t have lunch, so we had a good appetite! I think we practically ordered at least one thing from each segment.

The funny bit was when the lady who came to take our order quipped, “That’s a lot of food. Are you sure you guys could finish this?

And here are what we got for ourselves :

Dry Chilli Mantis

I think these are Ginger and Spring Onion Clams

Sambal Squids

Fried Kangkong

I think these are Oyster Sauce Chicken

Cereal Prawn

Red Snapper, Tom Yam Style

Most of us had plain rice, as it’s better to taste the dishes with. My dad and my brother asked for an additional fried seafood rice instead.

The nice thing is that you could even ask for a vegetarian version of some of their dishes and here was what Cart had :

Omelette with veggies

Stir fried veggies. I think he also had a plate of fried veggie rice, but I think I forgot to take a picture of that, or I was very engrossed in eating the food in front of me.

The food was so good.  Think of the best seafood that you’ve had, and imagine it twice the flavour, twice the deliciousness and twice the juiciness. Every morsel that I ate, was such a joy. I was compelled to eat as much as I could, fighting with the rest of my family. If you eat slow, you’d left with nothing.

As strange as that sounds, I don’t mind it as there is just something very satisfying eating with your family. And in no time at all, we’ve devoured everything.

The lady came back and I was amused to see her look of bewilderment when she saw all the empty plates. Funnily enough, my brother Haikal chose that time to get for himself an additional plate of noodles.

The food left such a great impression on me, that I declared that this was the best seafood that I’ve ever had in the WORLD at this point of time. Cart seemed offended by this and huffily asked, even in Italy?

But at $193 RM for a group of 7 people, (about $8.5 USD a person) I don’t think you could get this fantastic seafood experience anywhere else in the world. I think it even beats the one I had in Pengerang.

So worth it. I wouldn’t mind going back to Langkawi just to eat this seafood again.

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