Five awesome food places that I went to in Singapore

Sadly, I didn’t manage to complete the list of food that I want to eat in Singapore. 2 and a half weeks is just not enough time, especially with the commitments that I had to fulfil. I wish I had more time!

However, I did manage to go to some, and I thought that I’d share those which I thought were memorable :

1. Maliboro

My siblings and I discovered this place quite by chance as we were walking through Jurong Point after I dealt with some matters at the DBS bank. There was a lady at the entrance, inviting us in. And with the premise that the chicken is so tender that you could even eat the bones, we were Intrigued and went in to give it a try.

And these was what we ordered :

Crispy Soft Bone Chicken ($6.90 SGD)

Grilled Soft Bone Chicken ($7.90 SGD)

Red Chilli Soft Bone Chicken ($7.90 SGD)

Oh wow, I loved my meal a lot. It was absolutely delicious with the accompanying sambal next to it – it is probably a tad hot for some, but I like it hot! That’s euphoria to me.

The chicken, which was the highlight was really good. The outside was crispy, like an ayam penyet, but the bones were so soft that I ate the entire bird whole. It was actually quite tasty. I think its a sort of an evolution of Ayam Penyet I guess.

I also liked the place as it had some items which are vegetarian friendly and was able to tweak some ingredients so Cart could give them a try.

Tahu Telur ($6.50 SGD)

This delicious dish of soft tofu and egg is usually accompanied with oyster sauce at the bottom. But they manage to substitute it with a vegetarian sauce, and it still tasted true to the original dish to me.

Sayur Asam ($4.20 SGD)

This is a sourish vegetable soup that Cart could eat, which I thought was tasty. Although I think it tastes pretty much standard at any Indonesian restaurants around Singapore.

2. Real Food

I’m really glad that I went to this place (despite having run 10 km in the morning) as I absolutely adore this place! To me, the restaurant is so adorable, cozy and non pretentious.

Real food is a vegetarian restaurant. But unlike most restaurants, you can just walk in and sit at any empty table that you like and order directly at the counter.

Cart and I ordered these :

Lentil Burger ($12.80 SGD)

So delicious! I’m still thinking about this burger at this point of time. It was so good! The buns were soft and the insides were chewy and juicy.

I know it doesn’t look that appetizing, but I really enjoyed eating this. It had a rustic, earthy taste. And it had that chewy texture which I liked, which to me makes a good vegetarian burger (I don’t like burgers which are one texture)

And here is Cart’s burger.

Beet Millet Burger ($12.80 SGD)

To be honest, as delicious as my burger was, Cart’s one was even tastier. Made of beet, it had that slight sweet taste, but very hearty. I know it totally doesn’t look appetizing at all, but the taste was so good, so juicy, delicious.

I was so impressed with my meal that I gave my compliments to the people at the counter. I even contemplated to thank the chefs (there was an open kitchen at the side) but then changed my mind as they looked really busy, and I didn’t want them to lose their concentration.

I’d definitely go there again in a heartbeat when I’m back in Singapore.

3. VeganBurg

I think I knew about this place when someone shared this on my twitter list. I love burgers, and there was a bus that took us to there from my parent’s place, so why not?

Veganburg, is a cute little place. There was seats with fake grass, and there was an area where kids could play. There was this incentive where kids can swap their toys, which I thought was a nice idea. The burgers took a while to be prepared though. For a fast food restaurant, waiting for almost twenty minutes for a burger isn’t good.

Nevertheless, the burgers that we had were tasty. And these was what we had :

Smoky BBQ Burger Meal ($11.80 SGD)

I asked for ice lemon tea and broccoli as the side. The lemon tea was fine enough, but I think the broccoli could be salted a bit more.  And here is a close up of my burger.

How can a vegan burger be so sexeh? I liked the buns had a hint of walnuts and my burger was chewy and juicy and delicious. It’s so interesting that considering that there are no animal products in this whatsoever (like mayonnaise for example) it was so good, you don’t even feel like you missed anything.

And this was Cart’s meal :

Creamy shrooms burger meal ($11.80 SGD) and Vegan Franks ($3.90 SGD)

Unlike me, Cart had fries with seaweed  and I think it’s deliciously awesome! I should have asked for that instead! The franks were good too, considering that it’s vegan.

But the highlight, would have to be the burger. IT WAS SO GOOD. Even better than mine! Cart really knows how to choose the good stuff.

The patty was crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. And the creamy sauce elevates the taste. It reminds me a lot of a chicken patty burger. But it’s not! It was so good, I was regretting not ordering that instead.

I definitely recommend this burger. If I can have food like this everyday, I don’t mind being a vegetarian 🙂

4. Original Sin

I had lunch here with some of my blogger friends – Jerrick, Michelle, Sayanee, Chinmay and Daphne.

Original Sin is a vegetarian restaurant and is located in the chi-chi area of Holland Village. It’s pretty easy to get to by the way, as it’s right in front of the mrt station.

Here are some of the items that we ordered. I’ll just put up pictures of the ones that I tried. This was my set meal (27++ SGD)

Tofu Burger

Some juice cranberry and other things I don’t remember and a chocolate cake.

My meal was fine enough. The burger was good and the cake was decent. But to be honest, it didn’t make me go wow.

Vegetarian Tandoori ($26 SGD)

Cart’s tandoori was quite tasty and I liked the accompanying sauces that came with it. To me, it tasted  good enough as a vegetarian substitute for chicken tandoori! And now Cartcart now knows how it tastes like 🙂

Bocconcini Pizza ($22 SGD)

This is Daphne’s pizza which she managed to only eat less than 1/4 of. So she offered it to the rest of us. The thing about 4 cheese pizza is that just eating a little makes you feel stuffed.

I quite like it, it was tasty, but I wouldn’t order this pizza normally.

In a nutshell, the food here is nice, but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it much because it is quite pricey. And for the amount that we paid to eat here, there are many other more affordable vegetarian restaurants around.

Plus, the place was so noisy! Girls were chit chatting at the top of their voices. I know of quieter hawker centres than this. Totally spoils the mood for a supposedly upper class joint.

Come here only if you want to see white chicks.

5. Cafe Le Caire

Cart and I were in Kampung Glam to visit the Malay Heritage Center which was in the neighbourhood. We went there too late unfortunately, and it was closed when we reached there.

So we went off to have a dinner to cheer ourselves up. It was too funny, walking in the hipster part of Kampung Glam, me the hipster-est one of all. I was wearing my cotton baju kurong and not giving a care! It’s actually very comfy

We originally wanted to eat at El Sheik. But it was closed for renovation. So we went to Cafe Le Caire instead. I was unwilling to eat there, because the last time we were there, the standard seemed to go down. But we were peckish and didn’t  have much alternatives

I didn’t want to eat at the super touristy road in front of Masjid Sultan.

These were what we had :


A dip made of roasted eggplants, I always order this when I go to a middle-eastern restaurant. If you haven’t had one before, try it! I think you’ll like it. It’s creamy and smooth and just perfect to be eaten with bread.

Adas Bil Hamod

A dish made of lentils, this was really really tasty! Cart and I loved this as it was very flavourful with the spices inside it. It’s not hot by the way, and each bite was a joy.


And Falafel set

I didn’t care for these so much though, as I am not big with fava beans. Cart likes it though, and the falafel didn’t have the right texture. Someone put the chickpeas in the processor for too long.

I also had sautéed veggie wrap that I forgot to take a picture of.  I wasn’t that hungry, so I guess it was really that good. It was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.

All in all, I was actually glad that we went back to Cafe Le Caire. Delicious! And we only spent about $38 SGD for the both of us. I think we were probably unlucky the last time, because this time round, the food was so delicious, I can close an eye at what happened the last time.

Special Mentions :

6. Komalas

When Cart and I head to Little India, we like to go to Komalas. The fact that they make Indian food ala Fastfood style is quite charming to us. Cart also likes getting some packs of karaboondi here to bring back to Rome.

So we were surprised when we see that the place looks classier now. They’ve renovated and it looks more up-scale now.  I thought I was at the wrong place! Even the menu had more things.

Here are what we had :

Mock chicken 65

I’ve love eating chicken 65 since the first time I tried it.  And while the taste isn’t exactly like the one that I had, I think for a vegetarian version, it’s a good alternative. Inside is a mix of tofu and cheese, and outside is a hot, spicy and crispy layer.

South Indian meal

My eyes were bulging when I saw this. For about $8 SGD, this was a substantial amount of food that made us so confused at how to approach it that we had to ask the staff for help on how to eat it. In any case, Cart seemed to enjoy having his meal.

I didn’t like my burger meal unfortunately. It was quite disappointing as I had always enjoyed eating my burgers here. But this time round, the burger wasn’t satisfying and the fries were much too oily, I didn’t touch it any-more after the third bite or so.

7. McAloo Tikki burger

I know that you are probably going to baulk that I’m actually recommending McDougals. BUT I think they did a good move to include vegetarian items in the menu so it’s more inclusive to a wider choice of diet.

Plus the burger is not bad. The picture doesn’t look that appetizing, but Cart and I both enjoyed it. Only thing is, I don’t think that it will be a long term item however. Kind of like Burger King’s Veg burger. A shame though, because I tried it and I liked it and this was way before I met Cart and his vegetarianisms.

Anyway, that’s about it! Some of the more memorable meals that I had while I was in Singapore. If only I had more time to try more, nevertheless, it has been more or less satisfying so far 🙂

Sidenote : You would probably think that I’m showing off, and that I’m gloating but I’m very surprised to find out that didn’t gain any weight since I came back. It was probably all the exercise I did. I should have eaten more. HAHAHAHA!