Can you do this?

This is going to be so random but …

Let me know if you could do what I do.

Sidenote : Not having a video editor is annoying though. It took 6 hours to upload the video raw. Urgh!!!

Updated : Wow check out Sarah!

@rinaz My response to your vid.... #soc... on Twitpic

9 Replies to “Can you do this?”

    1. I’m sure that you do! It’s just that you don’t think much of it. Like how my bendy fingers are. I don’t think much of it, but other people keep awe-ing about it :p

    1. You can’t? I thought that a lot of Asians are able to do it though. Aww well! I’m sure you have your own hidden talents!!! 😀

      1. im actually quite inflexible…haha! even in school when u hv to do the ‘sit & reach’ test, i cannot reach far enough ;p maybe i hv high tollerance at eating spicy talent..hehehe

  1. I think it is better to be flexible in helps you to face any different situation 🙂 And you look very good in this video!

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