Mousse alla Nutella is better than sex

I didn’t even know that it was World Nutella day till Nerys mentioned it on twitter yesterday.

I’m not crazy about nutella, but whenever I’m eating out, I always choose to eat Mousse alla Nutella if the restaurants have it. Have you had one before? If you haven’t, you should! You should! You should! (I’m saying this 3 times because it’s that awesome) It’s wonderful and luxurious and decadent and is sure to make you very contented with each spoonful.

There are restaurants that serves them with chocolate shavings on top, and some that puts layers of cream and syrup and cookie crumbles.

But the one that I like the best has got to be this deceptively simple looking one from Antica Schiacciata Romana. From top to bottom is pure Nutella Mousse topped with pine nuts.

Every single bite feels soft and fluffy on your tongue, Immediately the rich taste of hazelnut and chocolate hits you and you feel good all over, immersing yourself in the heavenly, comforting feeling, compelling you to take another bite. And so you do it again, and again to keep the constant buzz.

And yet, it is not cloying, the thick feeling you get when you eat most other rich and decadent food. And once you’ve spooned the last bit of the creamy deliciousness, you feel happy and content. And all is al-right with the world.

Technically, it should be easy to make them – the most basic recipe calls for nutella and whipped cream. However, the most basic recipe tend to usually be the most challenging. Like omelette and Kuih Bahulu. Nevertheless, I think I would like to give it a try soon. Perhaps even for Valentines day. Romantic? I’ll eat them all by myself. Cos I’m greedy like that.

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