Breathtaking view at Gianicolo

On a whim last weekend, Cart and I went to Gianicolo where we saw such a beautiful view, we were in awe. It was that breathtaking.

The sky was amazingly clear. You could see from such a distance away up to the snow on the mountains. It was as if a giant took a huge sponge and wiped everything clean and shone a sort of torchlight to make it brighter.

It’s funny how I’ve lived here for some years now, and yet have never seen Gianicolo this clear before. Cart hypothesised that it was because of the colder weather, it decreases humidity which causes mists and clouds.

But comparing it to the picture below of the same spot in February, the cold isn’t the only reason for the clarity.

Nevertheless, it was such a beautiful and peaceful scene to see and just melt into and think of nothing.

Sidenote : It’s 12/12/12! Six years since I posted an entry about 06/06/06. Sometimes it’s odd looking back at past entries, it’s like another person altogether.