Happy anniversary!

Can’t really believe that it was 4 years ago when we were in the mosque in Singapore, with Jules and Hema and my close relatives for our solemnization. To be honest, it’s all a blur to me then, and even more a distant memory now. Which is why keeping a journal is important to me, to look back at the past and remember.

Nevertheless, I feel quite blessed that Cart and I met each other. We both are imperfect, but we both have our strengths and what we are strong at, we help each other in our weakness. One of the most wonderful quality about Cartcart is how I can talk to him about anything and everything, and and he’d listen … and still be impartial.


Of course, every relationship has its weak moments, and there are times when we get upset with each other or be unhappy. But that’s normal, and will make the relationship stronger as you understand each other better. I don’t believe in a relationship where they never quarrel or don’t debate at all, just to keep the peace because underneath, there will always be underlying problems and eventually be an exhausting symbiosis (on the other hand, quarrelling too much is not good either)

ANYWAY! Because we are such unromantic people, we didn’t plan much for our anniversary, and decided to just have dinner together.

Initially, I suggested that we head and try something new, like eating at Corno d’Africa, but it was madness looking for parking in the area, coupled with the insane amount of traffic on the roads – blame it on the fact that there are another 2 excellent restaurants in the vicinity (but who goes out on a Tuesday evening anyway?) gave me such an insane level of stress. I’ve been driving for roughly 6 months now, and am very comfortable at driving but yesterday was a different ballgame altogether.

We changed our minds and went to this restaurant called Il Cortile, which is a charming little restaurant a short distance away. I’ve been here once while we were dating, but like I mentioned, everything more than a few weeks is becoming a distant memory. I’m growing old for sure.

Anyway, what I do remember is that when you enter, there will be a table all full of wonderful antipasti that will just draw you in (This picture is taken towards the end of the evening, so it doesn’t do it justice)


There’s always a dessert table, which was so lovely. Next time, I’d eat just these, without going for the main course.


But we did … and Cart had a plate of ravioli con ricotta e spinaci with tomato sauce, which was really really good.


While I had Coda di rospo alla cacciatora. It’s a type of deep sea fish. It was tasty, but whenever I hear alla cacciatora, it makes me think that the dish has a hint of tomato, so I was surprised to see this white sauce. Actually, I preferred Cart’s ravioli after tasting it.


By this time, I was starting to feel full, so I skipped the contorno, while Cart had Carciofi alla giudia (this is a dish made of deep fried artichokes and was created in Rome, and is a very popular seasonal dish here)


I wasn’t too full to have dessert though, and I was looking so forward to having my chocolate mousse. Have you ever had one before? It’s one of the most decadent, delightful, sensual, sexy thing that you could ever have. Of course, I had to savour it slowly.


While Cart had a slice of chocolate cake, but the amount of cream on top, so sinful! Nevertheless, I don’t think that it could top mine though :p


In the end, I was bursting! It was tough driving us back home with my tummy expanding like a basketball. But we managed somehow and we both had to take some brioschi.

Such a simple evening. There wasn’t any grand romantic gestures of affections, neither did we regaled expensive gifts to each other. Regardless, it was a pleasant evening, just the two of us being comfortable and happy with each other’s company.

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  1. Many blessed wishes to you both and it’s true that being comfortable and simply enjoying each other’s company is one important aspect in a marriage 🙂
    PS: The dessert table is so tempting!!! :p

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