Quite the drama in my neighbourhood

And so, on the second day that Cart was away, I thought that I’d spend some time with my friend. The original plan was to spend some time at some bancarelle perhaps in the center. But we found out later that there was a violent rioting going on. We didn’t want to risk being in the crossfire, so we pretty much just hanged out in her neighbourhood.

Anyway, when I reached home close to 7pm, and as I parked my car, I stepped out and I noticed that there was a bit of liquid running across the road.

Odd” I thought to myself, “It didn’t rain the entire day. There must be a broken water pipe somewhere” And I promptly walked to the apartment.

About an hour later, I got a call from my in-laws who happened to be in the area (they had a friend living in the apartment across us, to whom they visit regularly) and my MIL urgently told me to go down.

And that’s when I saw this which shocked me.


It wasn’t a lot of liquid. But considering that it didn’t rain the entire day, and that the level of liquid was getting higher on the tyres of my car worried me. MIL adviced me to park the car up higher grounds and which I did, hurriedly. There were a number of people already who had the same idea as I had.

When I found an empty spot, it was a bit of walk back home, more than usual. Nevertheless, I crossed my fingers.


At about 10.30pm, the level increased to this :


And then at about 2.30am, the entire road was covered.


Funnily enough, I was thinking, “This is rather cool!” And yet, was feeling worried at the same time. Don’t go any higher please!

And then in the morning at about 7am, this was what I saw. You could hardly see the zebra at all! And our walking path looks like the start of a swimming pool.


I’m glad that I moved my car (Cart’s car was parked in a relatively safe spot behind) And I was really hoping that it doesn’t go any higher. I mean, reading about the news of the flooding in Venezia was alarming enough, and also of Ponte Milvio as well as Fatebenefratelli which are both in Rome but I never expected that my neighbourhood would be hit too.

I took a walk outside to check out the situation. There are some areas which I couldn’t even traverse in my rain-boots. It was that high!


And there were a few roads which were closed due to the … ahem … ponding. You could just imagine the traffic situation with cars conglomerating together, honking impatiently, wondering where to turn to exit to.


Thankfully, in the afternoon, the water started to recede and by after lunch time, all the flooding went away. Leaving only traces of muddy sediments.


What an eventful day! Funny thing is when I picked Cart up at the airport last evening, he quipped, “Oh no! I missed it!

The funny bit is that Cart has to be out of Rome again next week. And I’m trying not to get paranoid 😐

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    1. Yes!I’m really glad that the situation was dealt with swiftly here. For the past few days I’ve been hearing a generator type of sound. Probably pumping the water away

  1. I’m glad the water receded. In Venice it’s an exception and I still recall vividly looking at Venice as if it was a children’s swimming pool. That was in December 2008. I really hope the river will stay where it is for everyone’s sake.
    Wah! you get to be a bachelorette again soon ;p

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