Gone in a blink of an eye!

Hi everyone!

As you know, my family has been staying with us for about a week and a half. They just left for Singapore Monday evening. And all the while, this song kept playing in my head :

It’s amazing though how it didn’t seem too long ago when we greeted them at the airport and have their first coffee in Italy.


And then the buzz of activity at home with the chatter and whatnots. And then the headache of seeing my parents acting like little kids, running around Rome excitedly and me chasing after them.


Now that they’ve left, the house feels quite empty now and I’m feeling a little sad. Oh gosh, where did time go?


Nevertheless … life goes on! I’ll try to update the post in future blog updates with the adventures that we had 🙂

Sidenote : Hi to all the bloggers that I met at the Rome bloggers meet yesterday! It was really nice to have met you all!

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