Excessive narcissism is disgusting!

Ohai guys, it’s raining so much lately!


I bet you’re raising your eyebrows wondering what the connection of the rain with that duck-ish face picture above. And now times it by ten! Or more! Horrible isn’t it?

Which brings us to today’s video blog with the topic of … camwhores!

Worse would be when people put up pictures of themselves and say that they look ugly/fat/short when they are not!

Sidenote : My family are coming down for a visit to Rome for the first time! I’m so excited! They’ll be staying for about a week and a half and there are heaps of places that I’d love to show them.

Thus, I probably wont be blogging for a while. In the meanwhile if you like, you could follow @rinaz on twitter, my facebook page or @makawaru on Instagram!

2 Replies to “Excessive narcissism is disgusting!”

  1. Yes Marina! I agree with you.. when it’s too much, I get sick and tired of looking at them. esp on FB, sometimes I see pics of that few persons with different expressions in normal daily life situations. I block them from my feed or if not in close contact, I delete them from my list. My family has invented a name for these camwhores.. binatang filem instead of bintang filem..hahaha!

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