Thank you for your birthday wishes!

This is a hazelnut semifreddo with biscuits on top. Semi means half, and freddo means cold. It’s a type of ice cream cake. And this was my birthday cake! (Without the candles and customised words unfortunately … that’s standard! )

I was so upset that Cart, valiantly tried to carve some words into the cake. But I can’t make out what he wrote!

But it was really good though! If only I had teleporting powers, I’d send a slice to you!

In any case, thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday! You’re awesome! Likepreviousyears …Β it’s becoming a sort of tradition for me to make a thank you video and how I spent the day. So here it is

Haha! As if I’m winning an Oscar award! The only thing missing is a podium! Nevertheless, thank you for all your friendship and I wish for health, happiness and prosperity.

Lets blow on the virtual candle!


8 Replies to “Thank you for your birthday wishes!”

  1. Hope u enjoyed yr birthday and tasty looking semifreddo :p
    Don’t worry abt age.. it’s just a digit and what counts is the spirit in you!
    I’ll be thirty four soon too πŸ™ and I feel the ageing physically too..if only the physique can remain young..kekeke

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