Just a normal day …

Me : Hey Cartcart. Which one should I wear tonight? The red one or the green one?


Cart : I think the green one fits better for the dress that you’re wearing

Me : Ok! *cheerfully puts on shoes and prances around*


Me : Look how long they make my legs look! *Catwalks back and forth* Laa laa laa laa laa!

Cart : *amused*


Me : I’m so sexeh! OooOOooooooOOOhhh! *poses*



Me : Ah shucks! I guess the red one then …

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4 Replies to “Just a normal day …”

    1. I used super glue to fix it and it worked … but guess what …. then the OTHER shoe broke! Hahahahaha!

      Anyway, that was kind of expected. I bought it before marrying Cart and left it at my parent’s house for a couple of years. Only thought of wearing it recently. But it was old and was a cheap pair, so I didn’t expect it to last long. But a pity though. I like the design and the colour. :

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