Partying partying … yeah!

Yesterday, I did a sagio which is basically an open lesson where parents come over to have a taste on how I conducted my lesson with their children.

It was a source of anxiety for me –  I had fears that parents would be unsatisfied with my lesson. Moreover, I was doing it by myself, and if I messed up, I’d probably not have work when school term restarts. Luckily, it went smoothly, and I’m glad that it’s over!

And the day before, was our sort of graduation from my Italian class. I have a nice certificate now … and a cute ceramic elephant that I won during the lottery! LOL! So school is officially over for the term. Let the vacation commence!

Places to roam! YAY! Food kiosks to discover! YAY! Shopping to do! YAAAYY!

By the way, Eataly (a sort of shopping center which revolves around food) just opened in Rome! Andiamo! Jom pergi! Lets go!

Only problem is, all through this week, Rome has been hit by the heatwave with temperatures almost reaching 40 degrees celcius! What I’ve been doing all these while is to hide at home, with the shutters closed, sitting in front of the fan and taking multiple showers.

It’s that hot.

In fact, I’m still radiating from the one hour trip I did in the afternoon last week, which progressed to sunburns and heat rash that I’m still trying to heal from.

Oh boy. I don’t know if I can still survive the Singapore heat when we come back in December.

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  1. Hey, I don’t think you’ve to worry about the heat during December in Singapore. It is usually rainy season then. What you need to worry these days when rain falls, if there will be flooding. ^^

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