Claire gets married! Part 1

This post is so backtracked, but better later than never I guess!

Anyway, I’m sure you would have been familiar with my friend Claire. We met for the first time at my first Pink Italy meet.

From the get go, we get along really well, and shared loads of things in common. I’m really happy that I’ve finally made a good friend here in Rome. In fact, I’m amazed that we’ve been friends for only a year. Feels like we’ve known each other since childhood.

Anyway, earlier in the year, Claire told that that she was getting married to her long time boyfriend, Alex. I was most excited for her.

At length, it was finally her hen day (not hen night, because we both get tired when the evening comes and we’re totally not into men jumping out of a cake) and we headed to Hard Rock Cafe Roma for some lunch.

Call me a mountain tortoise, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at HRC before. It looks really lush and I couldn’t help but to take a camwhorey picture of me.

The first thing we had was the nachos. Check out how large the freaking thing is. And if you could believe it or not, is a one person portion!

But they were oh so good! I love the jalapenos peppers, the sour cream, the cheese …  Yummy! Somehow we managed to devour everything!

All gone!

By this time, we were already starting to feel full. But it was too late to turn back now, as our main course has already arrived.

This is Claire’s fajitas, which is kind of cool. Sort of like a DIY kebab.

And this is my salmon sandwich. I didn’t like it too much. It was tad bit too charred, making it taste like charcoal, and I didn’t want to finish it at all. For it’s price, I’d rather eat a round pizza at a pizzeria.

Nevertheless, it was an experience eating here, as I looked around at the interesting decorations and pieces on the wall, like Elton John’s actual outfit from one of his concerts and an autographed Beatle’s poster.

After our very filling lunch, since we were more or less around Termini, on a whim, I decided to drag Claire to go to a random salon to prettify ourselves. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of places which are opened as the 25th April, happened to be the Italian Independence day.

But eventually we found a Chinese salon opened! And we bravely went inside. Claire went for a pedicure while I had a much needed hair cut.

After about an hour, this is what Claire’s feet looked like :

Pretty feet!

And this was how I looked like :

Awesome! I don’t really fancy straight hair, but the entire experience was fantastic. Really spiffy and it was only for 15 euro for shampoo, cut and style! While the salon near my house would charge at least double that. Don’t get me wrong, they did a good job, but it was just too pricey for me.

So yes, I’d definitely go to the Chinese salon again!

We then headed to Claire’s house to hang out, said hi to Alex, and played with her evil black cat, Ciro. And then unabashedly, I completely stretched out, lay down and took custody of the sofa. Something I’d never do, even at my relative’s house

The next thing I knew, Cart drove over and the four of us were walking towards the pizzeria to have dinner.

As I was still rather full, so I asked if Claire would share a pizza with me.

Really yummy pizza margherita. While Cart had this cool looking pizza cacio e pepe (it was really tasty, but I can’t even finish a bite cos it’s really thickening)

Alex and Cart were talking over various topics, rather animatedly, as usual.

While by this time, Claire and I were both has used up all our batteries … so we hardly talked …. we were so exhausted! And here are our exhausted faces.

And here I end my post abruptly. Kbai.

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