Kiko BB Cream SPF 15 review

I was running out of my regular BB cream, but I didn’t really really think that I’d see anything like this here in Rome (High-end stores like Sephora doesn’t count because it’s kind of pricey for the regular consumer) Even though it’s been out for many years in Asia, BB creams are a relatively new thing in Europe.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are two brands of BB creams that are out for sale in Rome recently. One by Garnier and one by Kiko cosmetics. And here is the Kiko one!

I was in a Kiko store a couple of months ago, and we saw a new display showing their new BB creams. It comes in 5 different shades ranging from

  • 01 – light
  • 02 – natural
  • 03 – rose
  • 04 – medium
  • 05 – dark.

I’m kind of surprised that I had to choose the darkest shade, considering that there are duskier ladies out there.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that there are a wider range of shades here as normally, loads of foundations and tinted creams sold in Rome are way too light for me.

What’s interesting about this BB cream is that, it starts off light, almost white in colour. But don’t let that worry you, as when you rub it in the skin, it blends right in. In fact, for me, it blends in so well that it looks like I’m not using anything at all.

It looks super natural, and at the same time, gives a light coverage. It does not help for the larger blemishes though, as you could see from the zit on my upper-lip.

The price is 8.90 euro, which for 30 ml seems reasonable. I’ve been using it for about two months and the tube still feels quite full. The BB cream comes with a SPF 15, which seems low compared to regular BB creams, but at the same time, it’s great because it doesn’t render the skin an ashy colour which is the issue with anything with a high SPF.

So far, I haven’t had any adverse reactions to it, and considering that I have combination skin, I’m happy that it lasted throughout the entire day for me. This is me, sneaking in a picture at the end of work 🙂

Still looking great! But it does feel little bit oily towards the end of the day, but it isn’t that really big of a deal and can be blotted off.

To end, I really like this BB cream. It’s very light, and blends very well. Will definitely repurchase when my current tube ends 🙂

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  1. did you know that BB Cream was first developed by a German lady? 🙂 so it actually first existed in europe. but it was used for medical purposes. to heal scars and wounds for laser surgery patients and things like that. it first became popular as a cosmetic product in asia, though…

  2. I think we are two regular customers of Kiko. Just a week ago, I bought their mineral foundation in powder form. It works well by covering blemishes and doesn’t look oily for at least 6 hours. As I rarely put on foundation and dislike the liquid form, I think this powder one works well for me 🙂

    1. Yay! Kiko is great as an affordable Italian brand cosmetics! For mineral foundation I still have quite a bit of Lucy Minerals to finish though, at this point of time, I’ll stick to that cos the colour is good for me 🙂

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