How to sell and make anchovies sexy!

I spotted this in the supermarket yesterday and it was just too funny not to share as I’ve never seen anyone being so excited about anchovies (of all things) before.

Could you just imagine the conversation?

Man : Hey babe, check out what I have for you!

*whips out … an anchovy sandwich!*

Woman all dramatic like : Oooh! Yes! Fernando! You know what I like! Give it to me!

*poses all seductively almost eroticly*

Man : Hmm! Now after you eat this, go on and breathe on my face again. It’s sexeh!

And the funny part about this, the tagline reads, “When you start, you’ll never stop“. Never stop what? Convulsion for anchovies?

Sidenote : If you think this was strange, you should check this out too.