I love Tavola Calda La Molisana

You know how in Singapore, when you go to for Nasi Padang (like at Hajah Maimunah) and you can pick and choose the food behind the glass display, that you want to eat.

There is something similar here in Italy too. And it is called Tavola Calda which literally means Hot Table. Typically only opened during lunch, these eating establishments are meant for working people (but they are also open to all) who do not have the time to reach home to eat lunch, hence they head here for a cheap and quick meal – you spend about 5 – 10 euro in all.

This is one of my favourite Tavola Calda – La Molisana which is right across Cipro metro station.


Here, all the food will be displayed behind a glass display for you to have a look before you choose which yummy food you’d like for lunch. And generally, like a pizza al taglio, you’ll be charged according to the weight of the food.

There are a lot of variety of food here from pasta, to meats to vegetables.

Although some tavola calda also do it “buffet style” with the food all spread on the table, and you pick as much as you’d like to eat, as long as it fits in one plate.

This is what Cart and I had the last time we were at La Molisana – Parmigiana di melanzane (kind of like lasagna but with eggplants instead of pasta – yummy but troublesome to make), pomodoro ripieni di riso (baked tomato with flavoured rice inside) and a couple of mixed grilled vegetables.


And this what we had when we went there last November. More or  less the same thing, except Cart had a meatless lasagna.


I love tavola calda. It might not have such a fine dining ambience, but the food is wonderfully family style and most importantly yummy.

So if you are in Rome and looking for a more wallet friendly alternative for lunch, this could be something to try 🙂


La Molisana
Via Cipro 8A
00136, Roma Italia

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  1. I prefer them too over pizza taglio! If only the dishes served were our local Singaporean food 🙁 I would dine every other day..slurp!

    1. Haha! You know what? Looking at the first pic makes me miss everything about Nasi Padang, choosing whatever you want to eat without having to bother cooking about it in the kitchen (and in total it being about 5 dollars or less!)

      I want!!!!

    1. This is Nasi without the Nasi … hahaha … Oh wait, the baked tomato rice counts as Nasi right?!

      And yes, since you threw a coin in the fontana di trevi, you’ll be back in Rome again 🙂

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