Clapping the Italian way vs the Asian way

Something interesting that I learnt.

While in Capri, I had the most interesting conversation between new friends Andrea and Dario, and Cartcart. I don’t remember how it started, but all of a sudden Cartcart demonstrated at how you can tell if a person was left handed or right handed by the way they fold their hands.

I’m right handed because when I fold, my right hand naturally tucks in and the left goes under. Like this :

Left handers on the other hand, do it with the opposite hands. But when I try to do the opposite side, I get confused.

Cart also demonstrated that the way a person claps will reveal if that person is a left hander or a right hander. For me, my right hand naturally goes up higher than the left.

Normally, I’d raise my hands all the way up till they are close to my mouth and almost parallel to my body and we clap like this :

Cart looked at me all puzzled, as Italians clap differently, hands crossed so that they are able to make a louder clap.

And that was when Dario chipped in, informing that his Japanese colleague claps the same way I did too, as it was considered more elegant and refined. So it’s more a cultural thing.

It’s probably nothing important, but it was quite interesting to me.

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  1. Interesting! Hmmm I’m right-handed but I usually fold my arms the “left-handed” way. But then again I am a little schizophrenic.

    (I say “usually” because I can fold my arms both ways.)

  2. I should say: As a left hander, I thought I would do the things you mentioned “left-handedly” but it turns out I clap and fold my hands in the right hand way! I suspect this is coz one follows his peers, even subconsciously…

  3. Hahaha…I clap the “Italian way”, even though I’m English. I smack the partly cupped fingers of my right hand into my cupped left palm (yes, I am right handed). This makes a very loud, resounding sound. I do have a reputation as a rather loud clapper but then I did study flamenco at college…so I suppose my clap is more Spanish than Italian!!

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