Yay! New sofa bed!

Remember my post about a room makeover last month?

Cart and I have been rather busy last weekend doing a bit of spring cleaning and also moving some furniture in anticipation of a couple of a new table and a sofa-bed.

One of the changes is that my computer was shifted to the bookcase. While it looks pretty good up there, I still have got to get used to typing in a new position. It’s strange having the window to the back of me. Even more awkward having to keep standing up.


I could take a chair and sit down across the room. The wireless keyboard and mouse works, but then the words are too tiny from the distance.

In any case, Cart and I were at Mondo Convenienza last Saturday. Mondo Convenienza is kind of like the Italian version of Ikea. Cart seems to prefer the Mondo Convenienza compared to the latter. We’ve already a couple of pieces like the dining table and the kitchen cabinet.

Anyway! The delivery guys arrived Tuesday afternoon … and here is our sofa-bed! In sexeh red.

Not wasting time, of course I’m sitting on it to enjoy the full value and experience. In fact, I’m sitting on it right now while writing this post on my netbook.

Anyway, because I’m totally jakun, I thought that I’d share a very quick video about the sofa-bed :

Hehehehe! Next to visit Cart and me can sleep here 🙂

11 Replies to “Yay! New sofa bed!”

  1. The sofa’s really nice! I like the color and the design. It seems a little awkward to have your computer in the bookcase though. There’s no legroom, and it can’t be healthy!

    1. Ah don’t worry about the legroom, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and I can use the computer from a distance and have all the legroom I want, no problem at all 🙂

    1. It is! It is! When Cart showed me on the pamphlet, I thought “Oh, this is nice” but when I had it for real, I can’t believe how much I liked it so much 🙂

      I told Cart jokingly, “Ok, you’re going to sleep alone on the bed tonight, I’ll sleep here” and he looked so alarmed 😛

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