Chinese new year at Piazza del Popolo

Cart and I were at the Piazza del Popolo during the weekend to see the Chinese New Year celebrations. It was pretty interesting seeing all the colourful decorations, the festive music and the performances.

I had to keep an open mind though, as it was noticeably different compared to the Chinese New Year performances that I was used to in Singapore. But the nice thing is that it was heartening to see Italians embracing other cultures. Who knows, maybe one fine day, we’d have Italians doing Silat!

Anyway, here is a video montage that I did. Dont forget to watch it all the way till the end for a fun karaoke session 🙂

7 Replies to “Chinese new year at Piazza del Popolo”

      1. the lions look authentic, just the dragons look modified, smaller / mini version 🙂

        but it’s great to know they enjoy and embrace other cultures and their festivities 🙂

  1. Thanks Marina for putting up the video! I think this dragon has grown thinner..poor thing 🙁 I recall too that it’s much bigger and longer in S’pore. Towards the end, there were the lions with orange hair which I’ve not seen for such a long time. Makes me feel to want to celebrate CNY next year in S’pore 🙂

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