SMRT – Revisited

During our stay in Singapore this time round, I didn’t want be stuck in town especially during the holiday seasons. With a million vehicles around, its a tad fastidious especially having a pillion behind, adding to the stress.

Thus, we had to rely more on public transportation like the urban train, SMRT.

First things first though, was to get a ezlink pass! With these, we could tap and go! ™ Tap to boardat the entry and tap again when leaving to deduct the correct fare inside the card.

Our old ones were so old (it was purchased 2 years ago) that we couldn’t even replace them for these new ones! Ah well. In a couple of years it’ll become a collector’s item. Looks sturdier these new cards. It even survived an accidental washing machine cycle.

Anyway entering the train, I was extremely confused for at least a full 5 minutes when looking at direction because for the longest time, I thought that Boon Lay was the final stop. Joo Koon? What on earth is Joo Koon? Where did Boon Lay go to?

I didn’t realise that Boon Lay wasn’t the final stop anymore! Haha! But that was not the only change that I saw, as what used to be three lines – red, green and purple, now had an additional yellow line.

With 4 lines, tis still pretty understandable at the moment, not yet to the Japanese train of about 20 lines!

Anyway, one thing that I quite liked was that each train exits, there are signs like these :

For every destination that it is at, there are light flashes at the current stop as well as the stops that it has passed. There are also lights letting you know which exit to go to.  Very useful really, because prior to this, I’d always had to crane my neck outside of the window to peer at the black signs to see which stop I was currently at.

But what’s this?

I’ve never seen these borders before. I suppose its been erected due to the increasing amount of suicides, yes? What a way to go.  The odd thing is that not every station had them. <morbid>I suppose people in Boon Lay have a better state of well being since the station has no borders compared to Lakeside and Chinese Garden </morbid>

Nevertheless, our journeys with the train are pretty uneventful more or less. While there have been nice upgrades, it’ll be nice to be able to have a seat every now and then. The trains always seem so full like 9/10 times we were there.

The only sad thing is that Cart and I arrived too late to be able to see the Dimsum dollies sing the MRT song. Was it so annoying? Oh well. MRT song is gone ….  TV Mobile is gone … What else

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  1. The train system in Singapore is incredible. It’s easy to figure out, you can’t get lost in the stations like you can here in NYC, it’s clean, those signs over the door are convenient and the ezlink cards are great.

    I remember when they extended the green line. I kept thinking about going to Joo Koon just to see what was there, but I never did. I did take a ride on the yellow line before leaving, though. I even got scolded for taking photos of the new interchange where the yellow and green line meet. =/

    Those borders are going to be on every above ground station. They just haven’t finished them all yet. The project is supposed to take something like two years I think? They were just finishing Pasir Ris when I left from there last June.

    1. I don’t know how I could decipher the NYC line, there are so many and going all over the place. Even if I can read English, I think it would be a big challenge for me

      1. I’m actually starting to get used to it. It definitely is confusing, but I’m learning the routes as I go. I have to change trains 3 times to get to school, plus ride a bus. =/ I get on the Q Express at Union Square, change to the 2 or 3 Express at Times Square, change to the 1 Local at 96th and then get off at 137th Street. =) Lot of walking at Times Square too. It’s definitely not as easy as the trains in Singapore!

  2. Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna hear the dim sum dolly song on SMRT. It’s ok if you hear it a few times. But when they keep repeating it over and over again and again, it starts to get annoying…..

    Yes, I’m very glad it’s over…. 🙂

  3. I was in Singapore when they played the jingle and trust me, it’s annoying. I thought it was actually very corny! I thought it was a permanent thing. I’m so glad to know that it’s over! Yeah! Next trip to Singapore won’t be as tormenting if I have to take the train.

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