Its so festive here

Since the beginning of last week, the air feels very festive here in Rome. On Friday as I head back home from Italian class, everywhere I go there was a group of people tidying up their lawn, trimming their trees and bushes, with the buzzing of their electric saws, and many has already put up their Santa figurines outside of their balcony.

I was remarking to Cart at how funny it looked. It didn’t looked like Santa was climbing up, it looked more like he was hanging on for dear life!

Anyway there were a few people who put up fairy lights all over their balcony. And seeing the lights flash like that, and the festive mood and their air reminds me so much of Hari Raya. What with the moon and the stars. I always see them around while going visiting my friends and relatives in Singapore.

Of course, not to mention going through central Rome like Piazza Navona, there was such a bustling of activity there, with the huge rows of booth. Like pasar malam! There were a few booth with games and some selling seasonal sweets and foods. I was extremely drawn to the giant doughnuts kiosk.

Check out the size of the doughnuts compared the candied apples above it.

And there were some selling christmas decorations and also the epiphany items like this creepy laughing Befana dolls.

Of course, seeing all these made me feel the festive mood myself. I don’t celebrate Christmas though, so I guess I will hang my ketupat at the door.

I is kepokian

Sidenote : Can you make it?

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