Some of the things I eat during Ramadan in Rome

Blog readers Jannah, Oharlie, Brad and Xinyun has asked me to blog about typical food that is eaten during Ramadan. So this post is dedicated to you all.

While the types of food consumed during Ramadan differs from country to country, the one thing that I always see being eaten during the fasting month is dates.

Dates are the fruits of a type of palm trees. These are the staple food in the Middle East, but you’ll see various types of them being sold out of Egypt such as in Singapore, Malaysia and even Rome especially during Ramadan because of the high level of potassium in dates, making it a perfect food to have after fasting for long hours.

When I was a young girl though, I remember that one of the first times seeing it, it was very daunting for me.

It doesn’t look very appetizing with its insect-brown colour and wrinkly skin, it looked quite scary for a 6 year old. And I’ve always had a mini phobia with dried fruits because of how they looked like. But with my parents persuading me on, I gave it a try and thought that it didn’t taste bad. In fact, it was peculiarly sweet.

I still think that eating dates can look very unglamorous, with the spitting out of the seeds but all in all it wasn’t so bad to eat.

Another item that I see very frequently during Ramadan in Singapore is the Air Kathira.

This is a peculiar looking milky-drink that has black seeds which resembles tadpole eggs. Those are actually basil seeds and I love having this drink because of the nice, satisfying feeling when chewing the soft seeds.

It can come in various flavours from plain milk, avocado, mint, rose … It’s a pity that it’s not sold during non Ramadan days.

But for Rome though, with the majority of the population being Roman Catholics, Ramadan feels more nondescript. I didn’t really notice any particular special food being made. I see kebabs, and Arabic sweets and such, but you could get them any time of the year.

So far, here are some the food that we’ve prepared for Sahur and Iftar :

This is Farro

The main ingredient is wheat grain and its soaked, boiled and drained and you could mix it with anything you like. Cart likes his with chopped boiled egg, tomato, and cheese, drizzled with olive oil. While I like to add mine with tuna and corn.

It’s best eaten cold and its a wonderful summer food.

This is Piadina

Piadina is a type of flatbread which is good to keep in the fridge for those days when you want to have something quick to eat. Just put it on the hot plate, sprinkle some stracchino cheese, some sliced tomatoes and some rughetta and a few minutes later, you have a decent meal.

This was a couple of samosa and salad that we quickly cooked since Cart wanted to go out and pizza afterwards.

So it was just a simple, light meal to tide over till the pizza. By the way, the samosas were bought in a Bangladeshi shop not too far away from where were live! For 3.50 euro for a pack of 10, it was a bit expensive though.

Here is one of my favourite thing to cook, Veggie Lasagna.

What’s strange is that I love this veggie lasagna better than the one with beef even as it’s tastier. Made of a mix of ricotta cheese, spinach, mozzarella cheese, zucchini in tomato sauce, I just love eating it. Here is a video I made on how to make one 🙂

Finally but not least, here is the Couscous that Cart made yesterday

This is one of Cart’s favourite food to eat – couscous with vegetables and chickpeas. It was quite a hassle making this though, with the long amount of time taken to prepare it. But it was worth it in the end to tuck into a bowl of couscous.

And with that, I’m going to end this post abruptly because its such a torture writing a food entry when I’m fasting.

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  1. Thanks Rinaz for blogging this! Your vege lasagna looks especially appetising, as is Cart’s couscous- it was so hard to read your blog while I made my way home earlier, before sundown! Selamat berbuka!

  2. The piadina looks nice. It’d make a great light lunch. I think I’ll have to go with everyone else though and say that the veggie lasagna looks incredibly delicious. I’m glad I just finished eating dinner or I’d be looking for more food to eat.

    Ever since moving to Asia I’ve been a lot more open to eating vegetable meals. In the US, I always felt that if there was no meat it wasn’t a meal. I suppose that’s because we rarely have red meat here.

    1. I think one of the reason would be that red meat is more expensive compared to veggies, which is odd compared to Europe and perhaps in USA, its cheaper to buy certain type of meats.

  3. Kak! Thanks for the dedication..
    Veggie lasagne simply look divine.. The overloaded cheese and my fav veggie!
    Yum Yum.. Now its only lunchtime here.. Haiz..
    Yes, you should make a video about lasagne!

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