What drinks do you remember from your childhood?

Isn’t this bottle adorably retro?


Spuma Bionda, or translated as Blonde Foam has a special meaning to Cart. As a kid, he and his childhood friend would buy these as it was more economical than say, Coca cola at the time. I looked at him amusedly as he would describe how he and Fabrizio would drink this by the litres.

It tastes pretty nice too, as it reminds me a lot of Schweppes Cream Soda which I gulped a lot as a kid myself. Unfortunately, the Spuma Bionda is increasingly difficult to find – I’ve never seen it at all in the supermarkets that I’ve been to. Instead, Fabrizio found it by chance by going to a bar (In Italy, bars doesn’t mean that they sold only alcoholic drinks, you could get coffee, aperitivo, snacks, sandwiches and the likes here)

Somehow this reminds me of a few other drinks that I consumed in my childhood but is increasingly rarer to come across in Singapore.

Been a while since I’ve seen sinalco


Inside is a red bubbly fizzy drink which up to now, I’ve no idea what it was supposed to be. Cherry? Strawberry? But it sure was strangely addictive. Up to the point that my siblings and I would gulp it all down before my mum even had a chance to drink some. I felt so bad when I saw her crestfallen face when she opened the fridge. We were such monsters

And its been a while since I’ve seen Kickapoo


Despite its strange name, as well as the cannibalistic looking cover of the bottle, I love drinking this a lot. It tastes like a combination of lime, lemon and others, but it was sweet and not too gassy. If I had my way, I’d drink this by the bottles.

And for sure, I’ve yet to any ICEE since secondary school.


While I’ve seen these slushies a lot during my childhood days, but somewhere towards my tween years, it was gone.

All those memories.

12 Replies to “What drinks do you remember from your childhood?”

    1. Oooh! That’s right! I haven’t seen Sarsi for a long while now!

      In Italy, there are a plentiful of Fanta Orange though, its one of my favourite drink here πŸ˜€

  1. I remember very well the drinks u mentioned.. I miss Icee but here u can almost match it with the granita.. taste almost the same! I remember Emanuele finding the Spuma Bionda in the supermarket Lando here. It’s a 1.5lts bottle though not of the brand u have in the photo. I didn’t know it tasted like Schweppes.. I should try it soon :p

    1. I’ve never heard of a Lando Supermercato though, maybe they don’t have a franchise in Rome? By the way, is it the white or the black one since I noticed that there are two types πŸ™‚

  2. Lol for me was Fanta Orange, Sinalco, and the small packet (i think triangular shape! of milk /cereal they gave in school for those not so nourished. I shouldn’t have taken them coz now I’m over nourished! Hahah! Hey Kickapoo still around and kicking!! πŸ˜€

    1. I remember that! Cheap milk weekly. I like! And when in primary school we were always made to brush our teeth next to the longkang after meal times.

      So very old school lah!

  3. Like Stumpbo, I recalled the triangular shaped milk in school too. Kalau ada duit, saya beli, kalau tak, ayer apek biasa di kanteen jer.

    There’s also the air-batu 10-cen as a kid, to the root beer float when A&W was still operating in Singapore.

  4. Exactly, the Spuma is a legend for people grown up during 70’s..my grandfather used bring me to the bar with him, sitted in the place behind his old Vespa. At the bar, he always ordered in dialect “”Na spuma pal bocia” (One spuma for the kid). Unforgettable.
    Now my team of fantasy soccer is called “Spuma nerazzura” BTW πŸ™‚

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