Experiencing my first medieval fair

After going to Bevagna about two weeks ago, Cart and I decided to head back there again for their annual gaite festival. It was interesting to see as everything in the town is made to be recreated as back during the medieval times.

Bevagna Gaite - rinaz.net

Check out the video below on our adventures!

Thanks a lot youtube for choosing a still of me nomming of all things

Credits : Music by Fonogeri

6 Replies to “Experiencing my first medieval fair”

    1. I think other regions are doing it too, Bracciano for one, is doing something similar in the end of July. Could be something interesting to see too.

      I wonder how it will be if Singapore does something similar. Or at least the early 20th century recreation?

  1. interesting, getting to see a different side of the vineyard and handicrafts 🙂
    looks more like an open house for a medieval museum… and hearing rinaz ‘remind’ the goats of hari raya… *grin*

    oh and the sky at 9pm looked like our early evening sunset sky… *hmmm*
    nicely done video, thanks for sharing 🙂

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