Attending the Earth day concert at Circo Massimo

Cart noticed a construction going on at Circo Massimo and was told that there will be a concert later in the evening. Doing a quick search online, Cart found out that it was hosted by National Geographic on account of earth day.

Unfortunately, by the time that Cart finished his work and when we’d had our dinner, we reached Circo Massimo at about 9 pm. The concert started at 6 pm. so we missed out on a couple of acts.

And it was raining!

Earth day, Nat Geo, Circo Massimo, Italia

But that did not dampen the spirits of the spectators who were there, because by the time we reached Circo Massimo, it was full of people. You could feel the festive spirit all around. And the first thing that came to my mind was how much it reminded me of WOMAD.

Cart and I joined the large conglomeration, and we chilled out to the music.

The first act that we saw was a singer musician called Pino Daniele. Apart from the acts from X factor Italia, I’m not too aware of the different Italian musicians but there were a few of the songs the he performed that I could recognize being played on the radio. Like Quando and Il sole dentro di me.

Pino Daniele Earth day, Nat Geo, Circo Massimo, Italia

I looked around me and there were loads of people singing along. It was apparent that he’s a celebrated artist. But to be honest, I found his voice unremarkable, but his songwriting sounds good. And the accompanying musicians were fantastic, like the drummer, Omar Hakim. Not only does he banged the drums really well, he was charming too, flashing his pearly whites every few seconds.

After about an hour, they ended their act and then started a commercial with the wide screen showing the viewers how you could take care of the environment and how the organizers planted enough trees to compensate the carbon footprints for the night’s concert. It was then when I saw the hottest looking garbage collector in my life.

Earth day, Nat Geo, Circo Massimo, Italia

She’s so pretty, she could even work as a fashion model or be part of a calendar.

Earth day, Nat Geo, Circo Massimo, Italia

The words on the yellow t-shirt looks interesting. It said “Non succede. Ma se succede” It means, “It won’t happen. But if it happens …”.

Soonafter, the next act started. It was Morcheeba. Morcheeba is a UK band, which I’m not too familliar unfortunately, but I do like the lead singer, Skye Edward‘s voice. She sounds really creamy, silky, smooth.

Earth day, Nat Geo, Circo Massimo, Italia

The song, Rome wasn’t built in a day was probably one of the more well known one here. I was a little amused to see when she spoke in English, but loud response as when she said “grazie”.

And her dress! She told us that she made it herself which was impressive to me.

Cart and I didn’t stay too long after that even though there was still another performance by a DJ afterwards as it was close to approaching midnight. Moreover Cart had to go to work in the morning while I was already feeling lethargic.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves in spite of the rain. I hope to go to another one again

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5 Replies to “Attending the Earth day concert at Circo Massimo”

  1. ooo, nice event…
    hopefully they didn’t give out any pamphlets.

    and a hot garbage collector?!
    maybe it’s their way of getting people interested in the job. ‘meet hotties and save the environment’ 😛

  2. No, no pamphlets. Good thing that, because I wouldnt keep them anyways. I prefer getting my information through the internet. Thats why I was surprised to see so many flyers and commercials being stuffed in the letterbox, but thats another topic altogether.

    And yeah! Freaking heck, she was so hot she could cause global warming 😛

  3. I’m not sure that a countryside man like me would enjoy living in Rome for many aspects (I seldom come for reasons of work), but I’ve always tought that it would be an advantage to be always near to big events like this one .

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