Roman skies look fake

There is a scene in the Truman Show where Truman sails away in a boat. I noticed how pretty the sky looked like. Eventually the bow of the boat hits a dome and broke the painted sky. It was a fake sky! And Truman spent a moment, looking amazed.

Living in Rome gives me feel like Truman sometimes. Because the skies here look fake. Like a painting.

Roman Skies

This was taken a few weeks ago while Cart and I were out looking for new furnitures for the house. The sky was so vivid that we spent at least 10 minutes taking pictures of the sunset.

Roman Skies

And this is in Gianicolo. If you are ever in Rome, Gianicolo hill is a pretty place to be as it overlooks many of the monuments in Rome.

I keep telling Cart that I find that Roman skies look unreal. Growing up in Singapore, we’ve never seen anything like this before. Our sunsets are more orange.

Cart explained to me that the colours of the sunset was because of the atmosphere and the altitude that we have here in Rome. While Singapore is closer to the equator.

But its not only the sunsets here which was beautiful. Even the clouds seemed unnatural to me.

Roman Skies

I dont think that I’ve ever seen this Cirrocumulus formation before. Its quite interesting.

Even when the weather is bad, sometimes you see sights like this.

Roman Skies

A really big rainbow. Not that there isn’t any rainbows in Singapore, but with our tall buildings, its not that often that we spot them.

Thus, that’s why I feel that Roman skies look fake, like a painting. After a year of living in Rome, I still marvel when I look at the sky.

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  1. I remember being in Tuscany on vacation and just lying down staring at the amazing clouds and sky. I suddenly realised that all these great rennaissance painters just painted the real sky, not some fantasy.

  2. wow, that *is* like a painting. looks adobe-ed ^^

    i spent the last half hour ignoring my sunrise. sky went from black to blue to grey to lighter grey, haha!

  3. What fake? They look gorgeous!!!!! When I was in Dubai, the skies were so so so blue compared to those we have in Singapore. Sigh… the grass is always greener on the other side…..

  4. NTT

    Anywhere not too close to the equator helps too, I guess 🙂

    And thank you for the pictures 😀


    Come? Hai quasi 50? Non ci credo! A vibrant man like yourself!

    Daphne Maia

    Yeah? So when are you coming to Rome already? 😀


    Exactly! That’s why I think the Italian skies look fake. It looks just like a painting, not real clouds!

    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who thinks that way 🙂

  5. Hendri

    Ho ho ho! Then I’m looking forward to seeing more pics from you! If you are not too busy flying around that is 🙂


    Unreal yeah? So different from Singapore sunrise. I know its such a mundane thing to notice, but its gorgeous to me 🙂


    Fake as in unreal .. haha! Really, doesn’t it look like a painting to you?

    Singapore has blue skies too, but its humid most of the times so I reckon that many times we’d rather spend time in the shopping center to get out of the heat! Hehe

  6. The skies here seemed to hang rather low. Hubs said that in SG the heat rises high into the atmosphere, as compared to cold air staying closer to the ground here.

    On dark nights when the moon is bright, I feel that I could almost touch it with my finger tips from the open terrace outside my bedroom ! It’s so mesmerising !

    Btw, hv u watched Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey ? He pulled the full moon closer to create a romantic moment with his gf – precious ! *laughs*

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